We need an explanation for the Enh nerf

I’m got going to get salty or negative here, but frankly Blizzard, 25% is an enormous nerf and whilst I understand its due to the specs performance at level 70 on the beta, it seems that the problem is only a handful of spells. I would have expected some of them to be nerfed, not the entire spec.

I imagine the devs had to sit down and discuss this, review it and then get approval to publish the changes so… What was discussed? What evidence was presented to justify such a change? Or at least, what’s the rationale behind a blanket nerf of the entire spec, rather than targeting the actual problem.

I don’t and can’t believe for a second that every single ability in the specs arsenal required a nerf, so why do it? Help us understand, its a shock to us all and its a grim reflection of blanket nerfing we’ve seen in the past, not just for shaman. Naturally, the reaction isn’t going to be good, a change like this isn’t very palatable so Blizzard need to help us by explaining their decision, and Blizzard alone.

Tl:Dr - why tho?


Developers don’t like this spec, don’t exist another explanation, always this spec is little good, nerfed to the ground to don’t exist anymore


Honestly 25% to everything?! We wasn’t 25% ahead of everyone, yes we needed scaling back but 25%!? You’re gutting it. Start small at 10-15% and monitor from there. There are classes still doing the same dmg getting way feel of nerfing

Why you gotta bring my white damage into this mess

Don’t forget Flametongue Weapon

They nerfed everything from enhacement. This is absurd…


Just give me more totems to pop out and I’ll be a happy little Hobbit… Dwarf.

Because its not their favorite child - warlock


I Will cancel my sub now untill they revers this madness i cant sponsor this bulls****


Same here.

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Pre-Patch has always been messy. You need to look at the performance at 70, not 60.

I agree but why in all this mess enhancement has to be at the bottom every time? For example if currently you are an affliction player you are having a blast. Lets say it lasts for 2 months. It means you enjoy the game for 2 months until u get tuned to be on par with others. Me? Why should i suffer those 2 months until they decide to revert some of these changes or at least get to 70 and find out i am a little bit under tuned in a way more bearable than now?


Yeaaaah, because a 25% damage nerf isn’t going to affect our dps at level 70, because it just disapears !
25% damage nerf impacts a level 60 the same way it impacts a level 70. It’s a 25% damage reduction. It doesn’t magically go away…

Have you watched Videos from PTR? Apparently there is no issue with Enhancement at 70.

Link source.

No problem? We have 0 defensives, we have hard capped aoe, we have either heals OR damage and we are mediocre in damage. What the fcking hell is the point of this spec.


Have you heard the news from Beta ? Apparently there is a big issue with Enhancement at 70.

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To be honest last I saw was a week ago.
My initial point still stands. I dont think it makes sense to look at numbers on Live during prepatch.

Dude just cause you haven’t checked the gameplay of the beta properly doesn’t mean all others haven’t.

Enhancer was good and maybe a top 5 spec but there are CLEARLY far stronger choices for Raid M+ and PVP that are EASIER TO PLAY like Hunter in m+ same performance, range and easier to play. With Boomkin being the best of them all.

Pvp is a sh*tfest of Guardian Druid oneshotting TEAMS in Arena hitting for 8-10k moonfire spams.

And Monks were 30% ahead of everyone in single target according to icy veins.

ALL THAT while having the lowest survivability in terms of def cd’s

So your info is outdated now…
Let put this into perspective and rephrase your previous argument : Apparently there were no issue with Enhancement at 70 before the nerf.

Now, about your initial point : You need to look at the performance at 70, not 60. my initial response still stands : 25% damage nerf impacts a lvl 60 the same way it impacts a lvl 70

Do you understand why your point makes no sense ?
Ex : Lava Lash (lvl 60) : 4K dmg - Lava Lash (post nerf - lvl 60) : 3K dmg
Ex : Lava Lash (lvl 70) : 16K dmg - Lava Lash (post nerf - lvl 70) : 12K dmg

Hence my intial argument : a 25% dmg nerf affect a lvl 60 the same way it affects a lvl 70.