We need more cosmetic glyphs

Things like:

Glyph of the Lifeshaper: Your cyclone now turns the target into a tree.


Glyph of Obscene Power: While Arcane Power is active, you now levitate.

Glyph of Smoldering: Corpses of enemies slain by your Fire critical strikes are now charred and smolder.


Glyph of Ashes: Demons and undead slain by your holy damage have a chance to be reduced to a pile of ash.


Glyph of Disintegration: Enemies slain by your chaos bolt or incinerate have a chance to be reduced to a pile of ash


(Firstly, bring back the ascendance glyph that lets them be a coloured version of themself)

A glyph that allows enhancement shamans to cosmetically wield the appearance of the first 2 handed weapon in their bag.

You know, stuff like this?


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