🛑 We need more PVP servers... Why only two? Common Blizzard


Yea … no, I still remember the dreaded ‘swe?’ in chat. One of the reason I’ve abandoned English language servers altogether back in the day.


Probably not even re-rolling. If they’ll open a new server, there will be free transfers. It was always the case.

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Lol, You dont need new servers.
Trust me, on the first two or three weeks everything will be crouded as hell
but then… when people learn what a terrible grindfest the game is( you tought bfa was bad?)
People will quit, they will probably end up merging the servers due to lack of players


I didn’t play on such a server though. I’m sure you experienced that but there were more to chose from


Wasn’t that the RP-PVP one?

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There you go, now RE-SUB! :smirk:


I am making this reply just to keep the topic hot so Blizzard do something.

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they wont listen… they havent even fixed core class mechanics that have been reported since the demo


Yeah, probably lot of “tourists” will leave in the first few weeks/months, but considering only the current size of the private vanilla community the number of servers will definitely not be enough even to serve them. And those people plays vanilla for years now, so they won’t quit until they haven’t cleared up naxx.


the issue with this is bliz only tested Na server thats how they knew to give them more server.

They said they give Eu stress test but look what happen the last stress test everyone was invited into it 2 weeks before classic comes out. Blizzard are so up Na as** is unreal


I just had to laugh at this stupid reply.
He provider some numbers, The quee we had at the the Stress test said enough. Yet you keep asking for numbers.


:joy: Yea, no, this is not how numbers work.


Idd, these numbers we had now, were just a tip of the iceberg.
Which was my point.

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Started in Durotar, there there was some boars competition. Went to Mulgore - not so many players there. The first two realms got locked nearly instantly while the two other just worked for me so it rather wasn’t a really big EU number as if it was it would be a general queue disaster like the first stress test.


How bout more servers full stop?


I think they launched the additional two servers with a different layering process in place to see how it would cope compared to the first server. Hell they could even have done the first servers with layering turned off and then the second servers with it turned on to compare how it managed by comparison.


Tongue in cheek here:

The real vanilla experience is the devs gawking a the number of players that wants to play their game and then quickly trying to get more servers ready.

When this was freshly announced people said so much as one server wouldn’t be full. We get a handful. In that sense it’s already a succes in my book ^^.


It’s actually funny what Mark Kern (team lead of vanilla wow) said about the launch of wow;
They hadn’t anticipated the demand for it, which meant that not enough discboxes had been made (because digital purchases didn’t really exist back then) which meant that every store had sold out.
But (and this is how different blizzard has become) Mark and his team went to their local store and gave the copies they had saved for themselves and their families to be sold in the store instead, so more people could enjoy the game. :slight_smile:


Aww, that just warms my heart.

I don’t think the robot CEOs these days can comprehend such a human reaction to a situation like that.


It’s no good making new servers after launch, they need to be there before launch tbh