We Need PvP Vendors?

(Vurtne) #1

Am i the only one who expected pvp vendors to come out in the next patch? farming titan residuum throught invasions/emissaries and chest piece seems to be way too hard just to get enough titan for that 1 piece thats going to be nerfed 2 days after by hotfix…

can’t we get some sort of pvp vendor…?

(Coolgroove) #2

I was expecting them in 8.1, but now - I don’t expect anything of sorts, unfortunately.

Conquest should be a currency. PvP vendor should sell all items, not just Azerite, and NO rng-boxes.

Prices could depend on players highest rating, so for example 385 item for Glad will cost the same as 355 item for unrated - higher your rating = higher ilvl gear you can buy for the same amount of Conquest currency.

But there is no sign of anything like that happening.

(Lightness) #3

I don’t expect anything from blizzard - activision. The fun days are gone. I spend more time on the forum than playing the game. Even on my free days I do something else. Go outside or play some other game. All this neck grinding + farming the right azerite gear which is getting nerfs 2 days later as Vyrtne said ( btw nice vanilla videos man , you was ahead of your time during vanilla ) , its just not fun.


There are multiple people who have named themselves vurtne.

(Vurtne) #5

yeah im not the same that made the vanilla videos, i made legion videos

still its hard to imagine the game staying like this for nother month… game so broken

(Blacklock) #6

Lmfao did you really think he was the real vurtne? He didn’t play on eu servers pretty sure he was Korean idk

(Lightness) #7

And still Vurtne ( the real ) was ahead of the time during vanilla. He was playing like 2008 guy in 2005

(Ridtur) #8

The “real” Vurtne was Swedish and played on EU realms… you’re thinking of Drakedog.

But yeah… vendors… ActiBlizzard just loves the RNG lootbox hamsterwheel no matter how bad PR it gives them. ActiBlizzard is on route to becoming the next EA.

(Vurtne) #9

vurtne was swedish and played on Sylvanas EU during vanilla, Outland EU during tbc under the name warbarbie, but offtop
can we get 1000000000likes to get vendorz ?

(Blacklock) #10

oof my bad I mixed them up

(Nepticum) #11

I love playing random bgs as a casual pvper , but today and almost every day i am obliged to play PVE in order to acquire some better gear. In past expansions that was not necessary … i was playing what i liked to play… It s pity we dont have vendors.


We are just measly pests who pay for the game, nobody care at Clownfest Hq what we want or why we not enjoy the game. Enjoy Bfa.


what will you do with the pvp vendor?

(Coolgroove) #14

Earn conquest currency to purchase items I need, then upgrades, then transmog I want, obviously. Progression of my character that’s in my control. Setting goals, working towards them and satisfaction of reaching them.

(Wispr) #15

I miss the part where everyone gathered around the pvp vendor on new patch (with big mounts), to see the new things INGAME, even if we alrdy seen it on wow news sites.

Now you tab out, go to wowhead and paste some links… boring

(Lightness) #16

We need pvp vendors!! HIT THAT HEART ON MY COMMENT!!

(Obilot) #17

Yes, we do.


Sadly the recent changes have sucked the fun out of the game. This is just pointless grind fest, I am rewarded for success in PVP with gear I already have or don’t need, how is this a rewarding customer journey?

(Sylvare) #19

Generally decide what Items I get in what order myself
I didn’t get the shield from last season because it would mean farming out 7 conquest bars without me getting an upgrade and it was the last item I needed so I figured I’d Just buy the mog in season 2
Unfortionately I cant find a mog vendor for dread glad gear either


Just unsubscribe, like others already did. With current stubborn game director we will not get anything good in pvp, no vendors, no good rewards. Ion wants us do endless grinding of repeatble quests and the person who do more grind at his point of view should have an edge in pvp. This is why pvp has no vendors and for gearing you have to do pve.