We want F R E S H

Hi, im Dwight. Just checking in to remind y’all that we all want fresh classic servers!


What information pro fresh server does your post has that any of the other requests on that matter don’t? We already have enough of those threads here, so a further one just gets meaningless and just adds to the spam.

Also, at the current point we are in, I don’t think that fresh servers will help at all but just lead to a further separation of an already way to small playerbase. What does a fresh server offer that you can’t experience on an existing era-server, except for the AQ mount and title and some events? As such, most of those requests basically just asking for the mount and/or the title in some reagards.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fresh servers but in a reasonable amount of time.


Every TBC server dies after 3 months for a reason. Need fresh ded game plz!


Did you lot finish classic era?

Exalted with BON, AD and Zandalar? Full BIS? Fully packed with 18 slot bags? All recipes for your profession? On more than one class?

Or is the game finished when you have participated in a KT kill even if your 3 hours played at 60 in greens?

Why do you play the game again. To level characters? You know you can level 50 characters right?

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I have played Vanilla since 2015. But I got tired of TBC after 3 weeks…

Waiting for Fresh now.

Phase 1-3 on a fresh server with fresh economy is where I get 80% of my enjoyement. Phase 4-5 19% of my enjoyement, and phase 6 and “finnishing” the game, meh 1%, not really worth the sub. Depends on what guild I ended up in.

I have repeated this many times over the years


I agree. That is the best phases and my enjoyment of them is similar to yours. However, adapting to that means frequent resets/new realms. That is not something I’m interested in. Freezing the game at phase 3-4? Well, that won’t happen.

I’m just worried that the community will be even further separated, but if nothing else is done, at least a fresh realm is a cheap and simple solution that blizz is actually likely to do.

We should have polls, but from the responses in that other thread it doesn’t seem like a popular solution until much later down the line, when it’s to late and classic players are spread in all directions.


Fresh ain’t gonna happen.


idiots also thought classic will never come out, same with TBC

dw fresh will come out but not yet, let TBC dies first and hold on for a few months, i assume fresh will come out before wotlk but lets see how it goes


Omg there is no point in fresh servers coz u can just delete all ur 60 lvl chars and create new ones.Also do special fresh discord servers where u can do fresh things

No, YOU want fresh!
Speak for yourself, please.
I do not want fresh.


unsure if anyone rly wants fresh tbh

  • totally agree

I think there should be permanent servers, and some sort of seasonal servers that are refreshed in a reasonable period of time. So everyone would be happy. What’s more, I think it might be interesting to try adding new content to classic in one of its sessions, instead of everything always happening in exactly the same way. That could keep players interested in the game.

I’m one of those who think that it would have been better to do a Classic+, instead of relaunching TBC. Although I suppose that continuing to exploit nostalgia was the safest bet.


fresh when


great idea but the problem is our comunity alredy split kinda bad coz if tbc hype.Atm we have 99% playerbase playin tbc ad 1% classic ers so there is no way atm bliz will do these servers

Blizzard is doing a poor job on all versions of the game. Classic vanilla abandoned to its fate, in TBC everyone is complaining about the PVP issue, which is a real disaster. And in retail… well, apart from the fact that it sucks (IMHO), its players have been crying out to heaven for new content. Now a date has finally been given, but anyway… they’ve been waiting for eons. Not worth it.


i am wondering how big the community that wants fresh classic vanilla is. i always thought that was the way to go for those people.

What does a fresh server offer that you can’t experience on an existing era-server?

Progression together with a guild.

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But you, as a guild, could also progress naturally through the raids on era-servers. Using shortcuts like doing ZG before or at the same time you do MC is a decision you do, as the players. The game does not force you. And just because there is this possibility available does not necessarily mean that you have to use it. Hence such a statement is more of an excuse probably for the real aim of obtaining the AQ40 mount and title.


Why do you want a fresh server? just Merge all servers in one big of each type (1 PVP server, 1 PVE server, 1 RP server)

If you really want Fresh just create a lvl 1 char with other people on those server

I haven’t done AQ40 yet with my main char (neither Naxx), why would I go on a fresh server and lose all the gear I have …

Just merge the servers please Blizzard