We want wotlk era classic servers and about cataclysm

good evening all,

cataclysm - possibly the worst wow expansion of all time is coming

why do i write this thread?

i want to say blizzard, that we need wotlk era servers to stay there. classic ends with cataclysm.

we need at least 1 pve wotlk era server and 1 pvp wotlk era server per language.

one main reason, why wotlk classic servers are not so populated now as at wotlk classic release, is because people dont know, are there wotlk era servers, when cataclysm classic is released?

what could we await in cataclysm? why do we dont want cataclysm classic?

cataclysm has the worst class design of all wow expansion …

in wotlk you can play for example a paladin with a lot of various styles … you can play with seal of blood, seal of command(instant damage), seal of corruption (dot style), seal of vengeance, seal of light (self heal)

but in cataclysm wow had a bad ability pruning.

in wotlk we have great talent trees with 71 points, that we can set in there. but cataclysm has the worst talent trees of all wow expansions. hybrid specs are not anymore possible in cataclysm, because there is in cataclysm the rule, that you must choose a primary tree and must set there 31 points, before you can set points in other specs.

mastery is a attribute, that was placed in wow in cataclysm. because mastery only make a few abilities stronger and all other abilities not, the classes became because of this attibute primitive few-button-chars. for example, a holy priest has echo of light mastery. renew became not much better with mastery, power word shield not, smite, mind blast, shadow word pain not. all classes became more primitive, the more mastery they have on their equipment.
in cataclysm blizzard removed most attributes like all kinds of weapon expertise, defense expertise, parry, dodge, resistances, hit rating, etc.

there is no diversity in cataclysm anymore, no more individuality. everyone plays same.

no open pvp in cataclysm anymore

blizzard removed a lot of open pvp in burning crusade with implementation of fly mounts. but in cataclysm blizzard implementated fly mounts also to kalimdor and kingdoms, so city raids in og, sw, if, etc are not possible anymore, because most players are in unreachable places.

the remove of old classic zones of kalimdor and kingdoms

that was the biggest fail blizzard ever did. this is one of the most reasons, why people play on classic servers or private wotlk servers. in classic until wotlk, questing is a challenge, that makes fun. in cataclysm the new zones of kalimdor and kingdoms are ugly trash. quests there are too easy, no challenge. blizzard gave us in cataclysm no chance to see the pre cata zones, because they are removed forever.

twilight peaks was set in in cataclysm. it is the worst bg of all retail bgs. you spend most time with riding to enemy base, take flag and ride back. there is only too few fights. a pvp bg, that ist mostly without fights, what a non sense.

the people, with that i have spoken said, that only 1 pve raid was good at cataclysm, and that is firelands. all other pve raids are boring they said. dragon soul bosses have 0815 models. blackwing descent is the ugliest raid i have ever seen. and because of the too lowest difficult in the lfr-mode, that was placed in cataclysm in wow, boss defeats became worthless, because every idiot defeated deathwing in cataclysm. in original cataclysm, 10 man raids mostly replaced 25 man raids, raiding is not funny anymore in cataclysm.

high end zones from level 80 to 85 are boring and ugly too.

what is the sense of cataclysm classic? cataclysm classic is a second retail. the retail players do not need cata classic, because they have retail. and the classic players do not have classic anymore in cataclysm.

in my opinion, cataclysm is by far the worst wow expansion of all time.

what is your opinion? do we need wotlk servers? i mean very high : yes.

and to blizzard: please give us wotlk era servers, when cataclysm classic appears =)

all look at www . gtop100 . com

on that site are the 100 most famous most visited wow private servers .

over 50 % of all servers there are wotlk servers in patch 3.3.5.

on wotlk classic release, the wotlk classic servers were overpopulated, on firemaw there were nearly a half thousand players on the ship from stormwind to northrend.

wotlk is more famous than all other wow expansion.

so yes, we need wotlk era servers. at least 2, 1 normal and 1 pvp server.

greets and thanks for reading my thread =)


haha bro the very first thing you write about wotlk is wrong how can you do this

These seals are not “styles of play”
They are
Single Target

These are not styles of play like a martial art or dance choice, you are shoehorned into using them for the situation.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: yeah so much customisation in wotlk

Blizzard please give these cringelords wotlk era so they can sit in low pop and cry there are no RDF queues popping, then they can stop making these posts :rofl: :rofl:

look to gtop100 … that is a site of the 100 most famous and most visited private wow servers. most servers there are wotlk patch 3.3.5 servers.

if blizzard makes wotlk classic era servers good, then a lot of them can come to blizzards servers.

https: // gtop100 . com/ topsites/ World-of-Warcraft

https:// www.youtube. com/ watch?v= bR5tk7889kw

edit: it would be enough, if blizzard gives us 2 wotlk era servers per language. 1 pve server and 1 pvp server.


I think you wouldn’t accept it even if every private server player in the world said it your face but:

Private server players aren’t playing wotlk classic now, they absolutely will never switch from private to classic just because of era status.

I dont think you actually remember what cataclysm was, seeing as this is not true, expertise exists in cata, parry and dodge exist in cata, resistances are still in the game, hit gear still exists, i swear half of you who hate cata dont even remember anything about it.


Warlords of draenor removed these things lmao

“bUt cAtA sUcKS cuS WoD”
In 4 years we’ll get to WoD then you can all start unsubbing.

yea, no lmfao

Relichunters a Cata evangelist she defends anything and everything to do with Cata.

But as for me I agree with u. OK if Blizz insist on rolling out their crappy Cata expansion and making same mistake twice and forcing us all to move over to it fine I cant do nothing about it except quit and join a PS. But for Gods sake at least let those of us who wanna play game we subbed for keep on playing it.

Its no cooincidence that sub numbers dropped by a huge number after Cata released and we all know why that was. It was Cata that originally caused ppl to demand classic servers.


man im waiting for dragonflight classic can’t wait to play it again.


Nah bro, Dragonflight sucked. I can’t wait for the next expansion Classic, it will be the best ever.

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I want tbc and wotlk HC. Classic HC is awesome. But id love to try some of the old expansions on the format.

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Yeah dude Classic Classic’s gonna be the best.

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You speak for yourself, and yourself alone.

I wouldn’t mind it, but in my opinion this is unnecessary.

Says who? Your personal feeling? Got any proof for that?

I disagree. Thats your personal opinion.

If you want to raid (the only content where this actually matters, even in cataclysm), you have exactly one meta build to play per boss for every class. This is the same from vanilla to dragonflight and has always been so.

Every single EU pvp server and all but one US pvp servers are mono faction now. World PVP in classic wow died in phase 2 of vanilla.


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TL;DR version: CAta iZ t3h suXx0Rz
There you go, nothing you haven’t heard before, no need to read any further.

Full fat version: My experience with Cataclysm
When the Cataclysm expansion was announced in August 2009 I was interested but apprehensive.

I had no objections at all to the idea of a graphics overhaul. The new transmog system sounded fantastic, I didn’t mind the 85 level cap, the new zones sounded interesting, archaeology was intriguing. I didn’t really have any opinions about the new raids as I was a relatively casual raider, though I did have end up running ICC fairly regularly and had a Kingslayer title which I was quite proud of at the time. I was even doing a fair bit of battleground PvP, I was never really very good at it, but always tried my best. In short I was happy with the game and happy to pay my sub.

The announcement that many of the world zones would be changed forever, and most of the old quests completely scrapped had me deeply worried. I liked the world exactly as it was, it was my playground, and had been since 2006.

I was in an active, fun role-playing guild on a role-playing server. We had our own events, collaborations with other guilds, guild and personal story lines that we participated in - and for end game I was part of a raiding collective consisting of several guilds.

Despite my misgivings I was determined to give the expansion a fair chance. Perhaps my concerns would prove unfounded?

My first Cataclysm action was to roll a new character and check out some of the revamped old world zones and the new quests. The new starting area content seemed fine, though facing Orcs in Northshire instead of Kobolds felt a little jarring and hard to make sense of, but whatever it worked well enough.

I did some Elwynn stuff, which was mostly unchanged (so far so good) but immediately took a dislike to the starter equipment we were given as quest rewards - it was ‘too good’. This is a personal preference, but I’m in love with the idea of early characters being ‘crap’. This is a necessary part of an RPG for me - that sense of gradual build-up and self improvement over time and effort is a key hook for me.

Seeing L1 Hunters running around with pets was a very, very unwelcome sight. I need that journey - I need that struggle toward level 10 after which my efforts are rewarded by the quests to get my first pet - it was a crucial moment. Fortunately I was playing a Rogue - but where were my poison-making tools?

Switching continents I took one look at my beloved zone of Darkshore and it broke my heart. Gaping fissures, the brooding, tranquility shattered by endlessly-battling elementals. This became a theme.

So many zones, which were once places to explore and ‘live’ the experience within had now been turned into a kind of theme park with endlessly battling NPCs. It felt like one of those museum exhibits with animatronics rather than any kind of living, breathing world, and the real sin of it was that nothing I did could make a difference. I could do the quest to rid Maestra’s Post of the siege until I was blue in the face, but that noisy, clashing, cacophony never ended. Blizzard could easily have used their new phasing technology to end the siege and make a difference to my actions - but they never did.

Imagine revisting a place you spent most of your cherished younger years in, and had deep, fond memories of and discovering that it had been levelled entirely to make room for a dirty concrete car park - that’s how so much of the old world revamp felt to me.

So many of the zones that I’d previously spent ages exploring, mapping and ‘liiving within’ were not these animatronic ‘theme parks’ with their endlessly clashing NPCs. I absolutely hated it. The old world had been ruined and nothing I did mattered.

The sheer speed of the levelling progression, rushing though content like a hurricane, gaining levels almost constantly until a large chunk of the remaining quests were grey.

The removal of almost all of those little RP touches that had made the game feel alive and kept me grounded within it - all in the name of ‘streamlining’.

There was absolutely no threat in the world. None.
I could literally rush into entire groups of mobs and burn them down with no affect on my HP bar. A game world without threat is a stale game world.

Ultimately, given all the above, I was no longer participating in the world, I was merely a spectator - despite being constantly accosted by major lore characters and told that I was the chosen one.

Everything was just so damned convenient! Everything was so damned instant and immediately accessible. Where was my journey? Where as my challenge? And yes, contrary to popular belief there is some challenge to levelling, as anyone who has fallen foul of a group of Murlocs, or solo a group quest will testify. Still don’t believe me? Speak to some people who play on HC servers.

OK so the old world was trashed. I ditched the new alt and focussed on my main.

I felt that the starting zone of Vash’jir was actually pretty decent. It was a decent journey and quite enjoyable, albeit long-winded. Hyjal was a total mess. More ‘theme parks’, and a bloody zero effort story with Twilight bad guys who felt more like a joke enemy, played for their sheer incompetence rather than any serious threat.

Deepholme was, again, pretty decent with a slight TBC feel to it. Uldum started out strong, but soon deteriorated into brainless pop culture references. Twilight Highlands was a total bore from beginning to end.

OK so some end game content.

The instances initially were fantastic! The heroics were a serious challenge of my guild’s skill. The old days of careful pulls, CC and dangerous trash were back - how long did it last? Two months? I forget. Regardless they were soon nerfed into the ground.

By this point an odd thing was happening. My guildies were leaving the game, not just one or two, but many. They were actually leaving in droves. They just were not enjoying the expansion. Soon there was myself, and maybe two other people left, rattling around an empty guild like loose peas in a tin.

I didn’t last much longer. I spent the last month or so in Outland, running heroics solo, farming all the rep I’d missed out on during the original TBC. That was fun while it lasted, but it can’t hold your attention forever.

Eventually I just pulled the plug, totally disillusioned with the game and never imagined I’d ever resub. But then along came Classic…

I’m now wondering how long it will be before I do the same thing again, and simply pull the plug?

Unless, of course, we do get permanent Wrath-era servers.


No she does not, she speaks for me also, and many others.


There’s lots of expensions far worse than Cata. MoP, WoD, Shadowlands, BfA, WoTLK just to name a few.

Alright, this is where I stop reading. MoP completely removed talent trees up until Dragonflight, and even then, the WoTLK talent trees aren’t that great.

Cata changed the trees so you don’t have to put 5 talent points into 5% crit.

I genuinely wish I had stopped reading now. You think Cata is bad because you couldn’t gank AFK people in cities? News flash, you can’t in WoTLK either. If you’re in a major city, you’re not typically flagged for PVP unless you flag yourself; AFK people don’t flag themselves for PVP.

Worst whine thread ever. 0/10, genuinely wish I had stopped reading at the first sign of idiocy.

And me.
10 characters.

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Also Legion and Dragonflight, yes.

It was pretty bad, but not as bad as Cata.

So you were looking for a Challenger yet you were happy with killing LK on normal And not on heroic, you even mentioned you werent good at pvp yet i would say high end pvp is rather challenging. Anyway you really think hc classic is challenging? In reality its not, all you need is a patience. Sorry to hear your world you enjoyed for 4 years was gone, however dont worry world i enjoyed for 13 years is coming. :slight_smile: you were looking for poison tools? Well sadly for you it has been gone for 2 years already if you didnt notice.

I mean am i weird if i actually enjoyed almost everything about cataclysm?

Anyway op must be baiting hard since he wasnt even able to type right name of new bg And most stuff was nonsense. Actually imagine willingly claim that this troll speaks on anyones behalf.

Also Its kinda crazy people want wotlk for its leveling while its actually heavily nerfed compared to vanilla. If you want to do all the stuff in the old world, maybe consider playing a game that is suited for that?

No, not a troll. Just a mentally unwell person from the German forums.

Has been writing convoluted nonsense there for years now.