Weapon Transmogg Druid lookalike

(Xayaih) #1

Looking for Weapons matching a transmogg the weapons dont have to be fitting the druid style but the colour would be good

thats the set
i need a main hand
and a off hand dagger

thanks in advance


Malevolent Gladiator’s Shanker comes to mind.
The handle color matches up quite nicely with the armor.
However, it is quite large.
Next up is Mantid Trochanter. It matches up better, is smaller.
But, the blue parts is different from the armor.
Then there is Irontree Dagger.
It matches 100% in everything. But again, it is rather large.

Those are the 3 best daggers I could find, and they are not even that difficult to get a hold of.
Good luck!

(Xayaih) #3

yeah i think none of them fit perfect since the lat one has a different blade colour :smiley: bvut thanks anyway

any suggestions for main hand ?

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