Weekend Players

Hello, I’m looking for weekend players who are usually online in the 21-24 server time window, with the intent to start a community and enjoy the leveling content, with no rush for level cap, and then eventually build our own raid.

Please let me know your thoughts

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  • Veyara (A) / Ze’tiki (H)

Please avoid using threads of other people as spot point for your guild.
It is not fair nor respectfull

i think she more meant there was already a guild doing this idea, rather then advertising the guild, there’s no reason to take offence


I’m not a member of that guild. Grokna is right.

  • Veyara (A) / Ze’tiki (H)

Starting today, Legends of Azeroth welcomes all weekend players and every casual player who wants to join us.
In the hope of gathering together as many w.e. players in the realm, we invite you to join our community

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