Weekly Bonus Event: Enter the Dragonflight Dungeons

Weekly Bonus Event: Enter the Dragonflight Dungeons

Rise above the challenges of this week's Dragonflight Dungeon Bonus Event!

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Can we get this in the outdoor world too sometimes?

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Comp Stomp up as well… busy week!

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nah gone pass this weekly event don’t do dungeons anymore, the fun is out of it (go go go mentality) before up until MOP it was a fun aspect of the game now not so.

shame that the dungeon finder tool isn’t bloody working. I wish to bloody god that blizzard would make a game that actually bloody works

well, this wont make me do mythic but it might encourage me to try and get the rings needed for the ottuk mount!

It would be awesome if this even is every week
free 402 ilvl every week

Well we just had world quest week. Do you mean something that will give us a phat loot box as well? Kill X rares or something?

that should be the case considering hc raiding isnt accessible to like 80% of the players

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I never like this weekly event. It’s so useless for me; I don’t do mythics. Period.

It would be great if we could choose between (for example) 4 different weeklies, which one you’d want your active weekly to be for that week.

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no rp events in DF ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I missed that :frowning:

What’s the point of the bonus when everyone is doing M+ dungeons and it doesn’t apply there?

if i had to guess, for casuals and alts.

then you don’t need the item. Period.

That’s not what I’m saying.
I’m saying it’s a boring weekly because it basically ‘does nothing’ for me.

Always having a weekly, no matter what content you prefer, would be nice, yes?

And you’re also wrong in your assessment, but that’s another discussion and I won’t derail this thread with that.

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