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I come to you today with a question you have probably been asked more times than you can remember but I am bad at looking this stuff up and for that I apologize.
I am a player that is a bit competitive, I like to push keys and get the highest reward possible, however I have some close slightly less competitive friends that I like to play with. Problem is that blizzi now like to reward you based on the lowest key you did. My question is : if I did the 10 required dungs to get all 3 weekly rewards unlocked and then joined my friends and helped them with lower keys, will this affect my rewards? ( lower the reward Ilevel) and thank you <3

Not lowest. Highest. And 4th highest. And 10th highest. So your first reward will always be based on the highest key you did.

If you did 10 runs and then joined a run lower than any of the 10 you did, your rewards will not be affected at all.


To further explain what Timaani said: the wording on the vault is a bit… convoluted.

The first reward is always the highest key you did. The second, is the lowest of the top four keys you did (aka, 4th highest), the third is the lowest of the top 10 keys (aka, 10 highest). The order in which you do keys doesn’t matter. If you help your friends first with +2-+5 keys, then do 10 +14 or higher keys, your options will all be the highest, no matter how many lower keys you did before, during, or after the +14s.

Would’ve been clearer if the vault said “highest, 4th highest, 10th highest”, but that’s too few words, I guess.

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thank you very much for the clarification guys you are very helpful.

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