Weird bug, taking massive damage without even being hit

I’ve come across a strange bug since my second rogue hit level 30, she’s taking a huge amount of damage when in combat, not just the rogue norm, my dad is levelling another druid with me and has to heal me multiple times and often doesn’t have enough mana to keep me alive for each mob (ordinary furbolgs in ashenvale) the weirdest part is I have these mobs completely stun locked (cheapshot/kidney shot) so they don’t even hit me yet my health plummets immediately. In balance spec soloing one of these my dad gets about 2% knocked off his health, if that.

We tried having my dad tank in bear form and I just died despite not once having the mob hit me, I didn’t have this issue with her at level 29, only since she dinged 30, I also haven’t encountered this on my other rogue at any point in her lifetime or any other character and I’ve many, I can no longer level this new rogue, can’t stay alive if I fight, I have all my gear fully repaired, and you know, all the obvious things, combat log shows minimal damage being taken but I die anyway.

I tried putting a ticket in but the system changed since I last looked so you can’t ticket, not sure how to proceed.

Thanks for any help.

The furbolgs in Ashenvale are just op vs melee classes. They have a buff that deals damage to melee attackers, which is overtuned at high levels in chromie time. Low levels usually have no problem because they generally kill enemies in 2-3 hits, so they take less damage.

Ahhh I see, that explains it, it felt like I was dealing damage to myself and well, I basically am :joy: haven’t quested in the old world since cata and was very confused, thank you very much :slight_smile:

I mean I was very confused at first too, a level 49 havoc DH with appropriate gear and the Demonic Appetite talent, getting my butt kicked when normally I could take 3-4 enemies at once.

As frustrating as it is, once you’re past that area you should be in the clear. Hopefully Blizzard fixes them soon.

Guess what, that bug still exists. Workaround for me (lvl 41 outlaw rogue) was to deactivate chromie time, smash those guys, laugh hysterically, scream to them “GUESS WHO HITS LIKE A TRUCK NOW?!” and after slaughtering the whole village turning chromie time back on. You may lose some xp, but the satisfaction after five failed attempts to free Ruul was worth it.

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