Weird Input Lag

Since 10.0.5 dropped I sometimes get a pretty weird form of lag, usually occuring upon entering a new zone while dragonriding. The dragon stops reacting to all abilities, and I can not dismount nor use any of my own abilities. I am however NOT getting disconnected, even 10 minutes after my game stopped reacting to any of my inputs i am able to receive and send chat messages in my guild, /s chat as well as friends on Blizzard ID.
I did a speedtest and tried disabling my addons and can safely say that neither is the problem.

Edit: I also can not close the game through any means except for the task manager or ALT+F4.

Is it like all inputs are delayed and then suddenly catch up at some point ?

I’m experiencing the same thing. Abilities do not work for around 10-20 seconds then eventually catch up. No disconnects and no change in my latency. I’m occasionally experiencing the same thing when in combat.

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I have the same thing, though it happends at random intervals.

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