We're playing a cartoon

What I took away from blizzcon is we are steamrolling Kel Thuzad AGAIN for the third time now (recycle), a bank heist (because nothing screams the orcs vs human setup of World of Warcraft than the Italian Job, amIrite?), and an Adams Family hand to ride on (ruin immersion), mini torghast pets (how is this consistent with the lore).

Why are they recycling the Arthas story (in a worse way)
Why are they recycling old bosses
Why are they recycling old lore figures
Why are they ruining thematic immersion
Why are they ruining visual consistency
Why is the story writing so lazy and predictable

This game exists only for the cash shop.


Hey, we just need another appearance of Onyxia. Maybe keep a roster of characters to kill every expansion :thinking:

One expansion - Kel’Tusad. Another one - Onyxia. Then… Not even sure. Sieging Orgrimmar might become a tradition.

gl hf


The CEO of Activision Blizzard strives for passive games with full monetization. No effort needed and money for free.

They avoid talent at all cost because anybody who cares could make things expensive. To them, it’s the play of numbers on a screen, a system of progression, their life.

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The current writing team is trying to rewrite past plots because in their hubris they think that they can do better than the OG that already left the company.

That’s the reason why we just had MoP 2.0


And there is a pirate dragon…[quote=“Zarao-colinas-pardas, post:4, topic:252488”]
That’s the reason why we just had MoP 2.0

The sad part is, I had to think for a few seconds then before I could remember what the last expansion was… Must be bad if it was that forgettable…

Well… Yeah… I don’t want to be “That Guy” and say “I told you so” and to be fair it may just have been chatter in discord but I complained about this before Shadowlands even released, it is basically just Recycling: The Expac. I mean, look at the interview, their answer to how time works in the Shadowlands “It is different from person to person” which is just code for we didn’t think about it.
The fact WoW had had so many retcons and changes to lore and world changing things like Shadowlands and the Naa’ru basically changing everything Azeroth ever knew about religion which could lead to a literal breakdown of society is just glossed over, proves the writing team is at absolute best, mediocre and at worst, hacks who simply copy what they see in movies and on Netflix.

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