WG nerf, nerfed casuals

I see people running around with gear equal to 300k+ honor, all pvp honor mounts farmed after 3 days by speed leveling to 80 the first day and using the WG “bug”.

So any one that has a jobb or a life will be forced to sitt and farm AB the entire weekend, while these guys are leveling alts or “taking a break”.

The “hotfix” was way to late they might as well have keept it in for people to gear up faster and use the excuse that they have a reduced time to pvp/arena is released compared to orginal wotlk we have 1 week less to gett geared before raids/arena(if memory servs right).

D*ck move by blizzard, imo.
If you exploit to gett honor now in any way id say go for it, cause you will be down so much compared to these jobbless freeloaders drinking watered down sodadrinks.

Que arena leave exploit is not fixed so i would suggest people do that to gett back to “equal” grounds with every other honor-freeloader.

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classic problems

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Wrong forum, bro

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Well, Thatslife i guess.

And double wrong forum.

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