What can one do after reaching lvl 60?

I’m a returning player who hasn’t played since mid Cataclysm. Now I’ve leved a healer to 60, done some normals and heroics, got to ilvl 200. I don’t have much time to devote to the game, so I can’t engage in extensive grinds, but I would like to do something challenging (used to be 2.3k+ arena rated, raided heroic ICC back in WotLK). So far everything seems trivial - in most heroics it seems that my presence as a healer is unnecessary. I joined LFR Sylvanas and after half of the group left/died immediately, I found to my surprise I’m almost able to soloheal it (got to phase 3 solo healing it, wiped because of people standing in fire)… That was an entertaining difficulty level, but clearly not a sustainable way to get it :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I’m missing what is the challenging content now. I see a lot of talk about Mythic+ and as I understand it, I can’t access that w/o some attunement. Is Mythic a separate thing from Mythic+? I’ve tried looking through the many returning player guides but they seem to mostly assume one has played at least back in Legion.

Welcome back!

OK, so you’re 200. That’s pretty low. Normal raids get you to 250ish, and you can achieve something like that level through solo play as well, but with a longer grind.

Mythic-plus dungeons are the current ladder of choice for quick gearing.

No attunement is necessary. A short questline was required to get the flight point to Tazavesh, but I’m not sure if that is still true.

You get on the ladder by doing a regular Mythic dungeon (aka Mythic-Zero or M0). On completion, you get a “Keystone” in you bags for an M+2, that is a Mythic dungeon two levels above. (Well, it should in theory be 2 levels, but since there is no M+1, it kinda isn’t. Yeah, odd.)

The Keystone will be for M+2, but which dungeon will be random. So you can’t choose which dungeon you will get.

OK, now you are in the M+ system. When you get into the dungeon with your party, you place the keystone into the “font”,. a place you will see to hold the keystone, and you get a 10-second countdown to start the dungeon on that difficulty, which in this case will be +2.

Depending how fast you finish the +2, you will get another keystone from 1 to 3 levels higher. So, for example you might get a +5 Keystone for another random dungeon.

Each keystone level provides the mobs with about 10% more health and damage.

You keep doing this until you fail a dungeon, When you fail, your Keystone level is reduced by 1, but for the same dungeon.

Mythic-plus dungeons do not drop any loot at all, for trash or bosses, until you get to the very end. It’s the ultimate gogogo, with no time even to loot.

At weekly reset, your Great Vault will also offer a piece depending on the highest key you completed during the week. The highest key level it rewards is a +15, so if you are just doing it for gear, there is not a lot of point in clearing higher.

That’s the bones of it. For more detail, this is the best guide I know: https://www.wowhead.com/mythic-keystones-and-dungeons-guide

To get a group for M0, or any subsequent M+, you can list your group in Group Finder, and/or gather people from guild or community or wherever.

Thanks a lot, that clarifies things :slight_smile: I was a bit tired of questing after hitting lvl 60 so I didn’t even follow those Tazavesh questlines…

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There’s a Community called Scared of Dungeons.

Discord: http://discord.gg/yCHZwXj
WoW Community: 7bgYbgSrwM
Battle.net: Dg4NKZU2E5

If you join there, you will find friendly peeps who might be good to do dungeons with.

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