What changes do people realy want


I love everything Blizzard have done with the game to be honest but what I would like to see is;

More mount speed improvements, why stop at 310%?

Let us pay for access to flying in zones rather than achievement grind, heck, put the licences on the Blizzard store.

I want more mini-pets on the Blizzard store that I can buy with upgraded passives, oh and special heirloom armour for levelling that will make the game’s progression a lot better. Put it at a reasonable price.

I want more sub-races with better and more competitive passives that I can grind towards or pay for a race change to use.

I think it would be a good idea if players are encouraged to visit old scaled content to grind for upgraded versions of their loot/mogs.

I think all specs for every class should just be made into ‘one’ spec that you can micro-manage. So that way people can tank, dps and heal all at the same time or just have access to multiple and simultaneous dps trees. It would bring back some of that old ‘nuance’ to the game while eliminating pointless steps to getting there.

Just give us all the same gear sets so we don’t have to farm for or grind specific pieces, maybe make armor/weapon loot boxes available in the in-game store.


Go play classic, your first three suggestions would kill retail stone dead.

(Uvireath) #45

I want Weapons and Trinkets to change Stats when changing Roles, just like any other item.

(Kooki) #46

I would like a sense of progression and purpose outside of group content. As a mostly solo player I feel like there is no long term goals to reach for and it all feels rather pointless.

Collections to be able to be fully completed.

Weapon size option so I can play my blood elves again without wanting to vomit at the size of their ridiculous huge weapons.

I’m not normally one for wanting things removed but I really feel that mythic+ is just bad for the game and it should go. Sorry to those that enjoy it.

Bring tier sets back.

Remove titanforging.

Remove scaling from max level content.

Remove AP grind. It’s not fun.

Revamp the leveling process with voiced quests, make it more fun so people will quit whining about it.

(Tahra) #47

I’d just like to state that ANYONE asking for removal of LFR, you are not fixing anything with that; you are actually asking to remove raiding altogether (or best case scenario; make it have much, much less resources assigned to it).


the purpose of LFR was to get players who weren’t raiding , interested in raiding and want to do higher difficulty content. That failed , it’s purpose failed , it didn’t get more players raiding. In mop i found flexi raiding far more successful at doing that than lfr ever did.

(Søssky) #49
  • Better class design - a bigger set of baseline skills where the only purpose talents serve is to enhance your existing abilities. Using destro as an example I would absolutely love if the tier philosophy on the talent tree was for example enhanced healing, glass cannon and mobility and each tier would have small upgrades to your healing, damage or mobility spells. The problem now is that 2 essential talents are on the same row so rather than being a meaningful choice you’re effectively starting at a disadvantage and individually neither of them are good enough to give you any sort of advantage, you kind of just end up at a net 0.

  • Better professions - I don’t think professions should just be flavor. Professions should be more like TBC blacksmithing, a separate to raid loot yet tied in viable weapon progression system. Now that tier sets are gone I think they should expand on the idea of gear progression through professions, they sort of do but 1 or 2 pieces is just not enough. Have some normal/heroic/mythic material drop from raiding that you can use to craft full sets of armor, potentially with a similar upgrade path to TBC so you don’t have to replace your armor ever raid tier.

  • More interesting items - When’s the last time WoW had an item that did something cool/annoying that wasn’t a legion legendary? I think WoW needs more Ravagers and more Stormheralds. Even a different effect based on all your weapons would be cool, swords could have a chance to add a bleed effect, mace could stun, axe could I dunno chop a toe off or something and polearm could impale.

  • More throwbacks - Maybe I’m in a minority here, but honestly I’m getting kinda sick of having everything remade every expansion. New NPCs and mobs are cool and all, but sometimes all I want is a familiar face. Something to remind me this is still world of warcraft with green orcs and ogres and humans and undeads and elves.

  • More RPG elements - I wanna be invested in my character long term, I wanna feel like what my character has is because I made the choice to get it. Class quests were awesome, getting my whirlwind axe and berserker stance was awesome, getting my green fire was awesome, getting my predator title was awesome (not as RPG-ey maybe as the other stuff but whatever). Gear is gonna get replaced every expansion (I realize whirlwind axe is gear) so I want more off the beaten path character progression whether it be spells or just cosmetic things, it’s all welcome.

Bit of a wall of text here so don’t really expect too many to read, but my 2 cents anyway.

(Tahra) #50

No matter what you think the purpose of LFR is or was, it allows a lot of people to actually experience raiding who otherwise wouldn’t. Blizzard themselves have stated that if LFR didn’t exist, developing raids would just not be cost effective.

(Punyelf) #51

Is that actually the claim for LFR? It was introduced when I was on a long break from the game but I was always under the impression it was to be an all inclusive mode to allow all to see raids.

(Canticle) #52

I’ll tell you what I want , what I really really want, I wanna uh I wanna uh I wanna uh I wanna ziga zig ah.

(Punyelf) #53

(Canticle) #54

Yes!!! And done so much better than my lame attempt :slight_smile:

(Vulrin) #55

Just roll back all fundamental logical game design to mists of pandaria for EVERYTHING and try again, the game and the content is fine its just its really clunky and disgusting to work with due to a lack of character/class depth which is too dependent on expansion features. Also make keystones work in older expansions too (Miss my court of stars <3)


Not the case, it was said that only 20% of the player base was seeing the content, and LFR was introduced for the other 80% to see it, not as you claim to get them interested in raiding.

You are correct and the developers stated this on numerous occasions.

(Dorethien) #57

I will keep quoting the person in Argent dawns trade chat, “I like the game, I just like complaining”.
They don’t want any particular change, they just want to complain, but after all, the complainers or those who genuinly think WoW is dead are short sighted in their statement, are you trying to make others change their mind? Are you trying to push Blizzard to do something that they impossibly could know from that statement? Are you bitter IRL? Who knows.
But they won’t come far, cause truth is, if you like a game, it could be THE most dead game in existance, where no one what so ever plays anymore, you would still play it simply cause you like it, be the only person on the server and still enjoy it to the fullest.
So honestly, even tough there are changes people want to see, they still don’t dislike the game enough to stop playing, they just like having some sort of “holier than thou” image and threatening with unsubs, okay you do that have fun it’s not gonna make anyone else stop playing.

(Marinya) #58

The ones we think we do, but don’t.

It’s all hugely subjective and tinted by bias, nostalgia and spite. Better to keep it simple; fix the character models.


(Liära) #60
  1. Make the raids into a " thing " again, this game is supposed to be an MMO-RPG that we are playing here and not a co-op e-sport one, the raids should be an ultimate form of PvE content where people go to get the best gear in a PvE content. Heroic and mythic raids should be the peak of a PvE content in the game, like they used to be back in the expansions when the WoW was most popular.

  2. Return back the tier sets, we had them for years since vanilla until BFA and majority of the players liked them, they gave the feeling of class fantasy in the game, and enhanced with new tiers our gameplay which was always fun.

  3. Make mythic dungeons more in a way how challenge modes were back in MoP, a place where people go to get some prestige items and achievements. But they should stop to be an alternative to raiding, they devaluate it and with the speed how fast the people can gear from them make them less challenging since they don’t have any lockouts atm, and since the people can from them atm get the gear to be close to the mythic il of raiding without ever stepping into the raids.

  4. Focus more on the raiding, since more people love to do that in the PvE for the fun than the other activities. Along the main big raids create specific 10 man ones or some lairs to do on the side
    ( raids like ZA were very popular back in the day, and most people still praise how Karazhan was designed ).

  5. If titanforge will remain in the game cap it to +15 il max.

  6. Fix professions, its annoying when for anything worthwhile people need now like ton of mats. We are playing the game to have fun and not to farm mindlessly in the game mats for hours.

  7. Separate the PvP gear from the PvE one.

  8. You could add more fun abilities to the classes in the game, which would make them to feel special and unique again and not like now when some of them feel similar, but not in a way that we suddenly get to many active abilities so that we get a problem where to bind all those for our rotations.

  9. Return attunements to the game, every expansion should have or at least aim to have class specific quests like the ones in Legion or like were in vanilla the legendary ones for Benediction or Rhok’delar, and things like the mage tower challenge are cool.

  10. Make challenging dungeons again in the game but without the timer as an alternative to the mythic ones, based on some other mechanic for the people which don’t like the speed timed runs and the go go go mentality in the game.

  11. Return reforging to the game.

  12. Don’t implement anymore the things like azerite and artifact power grinds, nobody likes those things.

  13. Before releasing the content to the game make sure that its properly fleshed out and entirely finished, because I feel how the current warfronts and island expeditions aren’t. You can keep them tho in the game if they get improved and add more activities to do for the people outside of raiding and dungeons.

  14. Make the dungeons more in a way how they were in the Legion than in the BFA, having to many trash mobs in the dungeons which can be harder than the bosses in some cases is annoying experience and not something which I consider as fun and a good design.

  15. Make all achievements and reputations in the game account bound. Most people don’t want to grind the same reputations over and over again once they got them to the exalted, and its weird now in my case that I got on my current main char a lot less achievement points that on some chars I stopped playing years ago. Also don’t lock the races behind the reputation grinds anymore.


Quite honestly I just want Blizzard to fix the character models.
All of them have flaws and bugs like weird body proportions, weapon scale inconsistancies, animations that do not line up, shoulderpads that clip into the character model(Or is too far out on the shoulders).
Whoever is in charge of fixing these things, but choose not to, should be ashamed of themselves.

(Bruuz) #62

Ah, I’m starting to see the flaw in Blizzards reasoning if that’s what they stated.
Trying to cater all content to all kinds of players (content that is “cost-effective”) is going in the wrong direction. There are types of players and each type prefers certain content (achiever, player killer, explorer, socializer).
There were 12M people playing WoW before there ever was a LFR, because each kind of player found something to sink his/her teeth in. Everyone played for a different reason.
Today’s all-inclusive design is watering down a lot of aspects of the game.
Because of it, they had to add mythic to compensate for the achievers. I don’t pvp, so I’m not sure how that part changed. I’m more of an explorer however, and for me the zone-design (too tight with too many mobs) is a lot worse than it was for instance in vanilla (large zones, where you could wander, and choose if and when you wanted to combat things).

I think that’s one of the reasons why they lost many subs. Certain pure player types took off.

I don’t want to deny people to see the raids through LFR. Hell, I do the same nowadays. However, I would’ve raided with a guild on normal or higher, if LFR wasn’t there. I don’t care for the loot. I care to see the content. That’s my reward.
With LFR, that reward became a lot easier to get, and therefor a lot less meaningful.