What changes do people realy want

(Liära) #83

That was before we got the different modes of the raiding, and in the time when the gear was a lot harder to get and when the catchup gear didn’t existed at all.

That’s why I said how the game shouldn’t be based only on raiding or dungeons, but how its important to have also other activities. And most raids are made today that you can have a decent progress in them even with the casual playstyle if we exclude here the mythic raiding and the cutting edge groups. And every content in the game can for someone be a grind, its all about our subjective PoV and how we see things. Tho I think how the MMO-s are not that type of the games which should be centered around the people which don’t wish to invest the time in them, I mean in my PoV we need the reasons in the game to play it on the long run and the goals to strive for, and its a bad design if we would get served to us the best gear in the game and all achievements without us making any effort to obtain those. So there should be some relation between the time invested and the skill of the players increased over time and the progression someone can achieve in the game always.

(Lepanto) #84

I think mostly people are asking for reasons to be more invested in their characters.

Professions are irrelevant, mostly.
Gear paths are a bit unreliable, RNG is a bit too interwoven IMO.
Player reputation is gone and IO is king (not the worst system BTW)

I know I’ve put more time at cap on my main than all my alts combined and I’d like it to show quite a bit more.

Just my opinion, ofc

(Silvermane) #85

I want less of this Heroic, Titanforged nonsense.

I want toys that aren’t on hourly cooldowns.

I want servers to be merged and not “sharded”, with random players I will never see again.

I want the community Blizzard destroyed with their anti-community trash changes e.g. server transfers, paid name changes, Warmode etc

I want Blizzard to stop constantly NERFING and BUFFING every other week.

I want Blizzard to let the PLAYERS have fun instead of trying to destroy everything because Blizzard “didn’t intend for that.”

I want an expansion, FOCUSED on player housing with actual content. Not terrible garrisons NO ONE ASKED FOR BECAUSE BLIZZARD ALWAYS TRIES TO “BE DIFFERENT” and put their own “SPIN” on things. See: Heroes of the Storm.

I want Blizzard to stop their anti-consumerist scams like RNG stats, Azerite Armor, etc.

I want Blizzard to STOP MULTIPLE DIFFICULTIES OF THE SAME RAID. It’s BORING, NONSENSICAL and just there to stall you.

This company is anti-player, only looking for ways to force us to play longer while doing as little as possible, horrible to their community and ignore the feedback they are given.

(Alexima) #86

for starters, People want rewards to match the effort put into it. So that when you spend hours forming groups and raiding with guilds and manage to finally take down ghuun in mythic difficulty, You get something special in return. But the ridiculous thing is, that you can do a warfront and remain AFK and end up getting a 385 gear for 100% chance. OR you can finish mythic ghuun and not get anything at all, and even if you do, it would be the same 385 gear with the same chance of warforge titanforging. It doesn’t make sense. It’s terrible design. You want to give away free and easy gear? So be it. But give mythic raiders a value worth their effort. Not garbage stuff.


You get the CE achievement and the title. That to me out-trumps gear by 7 million percent.

(Dinoza) #88

I wish set ilvl + sockets back, I want enchants back… Have you noticed that every expansion we have less and less items to enchant? Think back in TBC/Wotlk/Cata and look at them now; Gloves = useless profession one, weapon, rings. Overall 4… I dont hate WF/TF, but the game felt better and this comes from a casual player…

PVP VENDOR this one is a must, let me farm honor/tokens or whatever is the term at the moment and buy ACTUAL pvp gear with a stat like resilience used to be. RNG Legenderies from Legion were ok in my opinion, it gave me reason to play, but cause they break raid spots/guilds/progress make them only utility that will add some fun to the game/classes.

Scrap everything that has to do with boring AP farm, get rid of it totally and bring that bs never again back.

(Sàbér) #89

I agree with the faction war to end.

It started out fun, prideful, like a football game.

Then it got way too dramatic and full of shame.

Ironically enough, the ones that are enjoying it are usually people that just want to see the world burn… then Blizzard wonders why everyone is being a jerk specially to their company in seeing it burn like a dumpster fire.

Monkey see, monkey do.

(Tahra) #90

There were no heroic and mythic raids when ‘WoW was most popular’.
And raiding is just 1 endgame activity. The harder difficulties are enjoyed by a minority. So no, it shouldn’t be THE thing to do at endgame.

I personally only care about the looks. If they can make some cool looks (unlike they have so far in BfA) I’m fine with tier sets not being here.

Devalueing raids is a good thing imo. However, the thing to dethrone it should NOT be a an e-sports type thing.

This is just not true.

+15 isn’t enough. +20 or 25 would be okay.

They need to be fixed, yeah, but honestly; grinding mats is the LEAST of profession’s problems.


Agreed. I loved the Legion legendaries for exactly this type of thing.

These are 3 very different things.

  • Attunements imo aren’t very fun. I didn’t like them back in the old days, so I don’t think I’ll like them now.
  • Agreed on the class specific content. However, it’s not very cost effective to make it, unfortunately.
  • I didn’t like the mage tower so I don’t really care.

The last thing I want in this game is challenging dungeons. I want fast and easy runs. If it’s an option; fine, I’ll never do them. But if they’re made more challenging baseline, then I’m out.


I actually didn’t mind the artifact power grind in Legion because the reward for doing so was interesting. Azerite is not.

Again sadly a case of cost effectiveness. They can’t hold on on developing content for too long. I wish they could on one hand, but on the other; if I have to pick between content that’s not the best it can be or having to wait much longer for a patch, then I’ll pick the content.

I don’t run many dungeons, but yeah too much trash is irritating.

Agreed on the achievs and reps. Don’t agree on not locking allied races behind rep grinds; I don’t mind that type of grind.

(Liära) #92

Actually there was, you had the normal and heroic difficulty in the time when WoW was on its peak when it comes to number of subscribers in Wotlk, later on when the additional difficulties were introduced they just got renamed into the heroic and mythic.

No its not for an MMO type of the game which should be based around the content for the groups, and which should have the things in the game for the guilds which would keep them engaged. Things like that contribute towards the socialization in the game and a lot of players play for that, this is not a single player game or MOBA where you play the game solo or just with your team of the few players. Tho it could have the content for even those type of the players, which prefer that playstyle but they shouldn’t be the focus.

Actually it is if we take into account the sheer number of players which do the raiding activity in various difficulties at the endgame. Most of them do it for fun. I don’t see that many old players that engaged in the leveling experience anymore or otherwise the things like character boosts and heirlooms wouldn’t be that popular, and stuff like warfronts and island expeditions and the way how they are now aren’t that at this point to a lot of players and to some haven’t been since their introduction. And there are more raiders in the game than the people which do m+ .

I think that the way how itemization in this xpac works is not a good one when the players can easily get into the situation that they are outgearing the content they are doing, and when the gear is not anymore corresponding to someone’s skill level, and how the players should be more awarded accordingly to their skill and the content they do. So a player which is just doing LFR content in the game shouldn’t get in that type of content the pieces titanforged to heroic or mythic raiding level, its enough that il would get titanforged to the normal raiding level piece. And that example would work for the other difficulties as well.

Well that would be a good start for making them better in the game, sure they could add other things as well.

The way I see this is that the more things we have to do in the game the better, I can accept that you didn’t liked those but there are players like me which did.

Well for the people like you the easy mode of the dungeons can stay in the game just like the LFR. Pet battles and warfronts to. This would be an option for all the players which would like engaging dungeons as a way of endgame progression, akin to the raids, which aren’t fans of the e-sport and the timed runs.

So that people like me which are invested into the endgame activities can optimize the gear in the game better.

I would rather wait a bit longer and have the content in the game properly done and engaging than have half finished things in the game released. We can see what the players think about that based on the feedback we got so far. And Blizzard is not some indie company, and it used to care more about the quality of the game and the player experience than it does now. So I think how it should stick to that, otherwise it gets into the situation that the game stops to be compelling to a lot of the players and that is losing the subs like now, which could eventually lead into the company even losing its good reputation for making quality products if it becomes a practice.

There are other things which can be locked by the reputations like mounts, toys and pets, there is no need of locking the races and classes which someone might want to pick for their main char.

(Søssky) #93

Titanforging should not even be up for compromise imo, it is one of the worst things ever implemented into the game. Not because it’s unfair or whatever, but because by it’s very nature it’s breaking into this 4th wall in the same way that ancient knowledge did in Legion and whatever they call this new system they have for the neck.

The systems in WoW should be self contained and not rely on some divine intervention so having a system like titanforging that in theory is infinite be capped off is just a really bad look. It’s bad in the same way an open world game with invisible walls is bad. There’s no alternative to it either, removing the cap would break the game.

(Liära) #94

I don’t mind it either way, I don’t see it as big problem in the game and in my PoV it adds a bit of the sense of the character progression to the players which would otherwise get stuck within their skill bracket with the gear until the new tier of the content would get released.


-Classes have lost too much spells and talents
-Professions feel useless
-Too much RNG
-Open world content relies too much on boring WQ’s especially after Legion they should have gone on different route.

If you start from those its a great start.

(Uruk) #96

More customization for races.

More emotes.

Ranking system in Brawlers Guild with bosses scaling with ilvl so I can show that I’m the best brawler around.

More cosmetic transmog.

Reduced CD on most toys.

Magic Banana made a toy with Max 5 min CD. Having to wait 2 hours to be able to prank someone HSing is unacceptable.

More lore for Kalimdor tauren.

Baine made a badass so that people can finally shut up and realize that he’s awesome.

(Seffi) #97

one change to titanforging and random gem slots, could be to make it so you can forge your own boosts to gear, like you need tokens or what ever that you can use to boost your item, like want a gem slot ok you use 100 tokens for it, want to uppgrade your item whit 10 ilvls, you use 100 tokens for it, once done you can never do it again on that item.

this way when you get a good item, you can make it better, think this could work pretty well out, little bit similar as it was in mop, whit reforging and boosting there.

there would be no rng any more, just a grind to get the tokens or what ever they would want to call them, but everyone would have the same chance.

(Tahra) #98

Everyone has the same chance now too. :kissing_heart:

(Tahra) #99

Fair enough. I just fundamentally disagree with many of your opinions, so let’s call this an ‘agree to disagree’, shall we?

(Osangar) #100

I have not read the rest of your reply but I did want to respond to this particular sentence. This is only true due to LFR and if you took that away we would almost certainly be back to the days where only <10% of the playerbase stepped foot inside a raid of any description. Surprisingly enough LFR also seems to be one of the biggest contenders of why WoW is going downhill but that is an argument for a different day.

Back to the topic what do i really want?

I want to return to the day where we had to visit class trainers in order to learn new spells. Maybe make it that for X number of minutes after you ding your hearthstone will automatically port you to the nearest class trainer and then return you to where you were if you so desired. I would also like to bring back spell levels (even though they were only a way of making it look liked you got something shiny and new when you dinged) although without the option to revert back to an earlier level.

Bring back weapon skills. Make it so that if I want to change from swords to maces then it has to be a conscious decision based on my current weapon skill. This can be reset or automatically bumped up to base level for the expansion you are in when reaching that level.

Revert back the ‘make gear useable now’ philosophy. Make it so that we have to make choices on how we want to gem or enchant our new gear. I understand why the change was made but I think made the world feel a little less small once it was introduced.

(Liära) #101

Thanks for proving my point, and because of what you say I think how the LFR should stay in the game. All I am asking is that Blizzard should give us more raids to do, I feel like the raiding is neglected nowadays in comparison to the other content in the game, and I want to see active guilds in the game again. Ok we will get the new raid this week, but it wouldn’t be bad if Blizzard would occasionally release specific 10 man raids or lairs to do alongside the main big ones.

(Osangar) #102

You get my vote on the smaller ‘filler’ raids be they 10 man or 25 man content. The lairs and dragon raids were a lot of fun back in wrath.

(Liära) #103

And we had <10 % playerbase back in the old days stepping into the raids for various reasons ( tho I think how more players raided than just that ), we didn’t had more modes of the raiding and the catchup gear, once we got that into the game a lot more players got engaged into the raiding. The LFR alone is not only reason why the number of raiders got increased in the game.