What class for



I have a hunter at 120 from when bfa dropped last year (hit 120 then realised i hated table missions).

Tempted by a new class but what…


I’ll be going forward with my Mage first, that’s my main since 2005! The cinematic has tempted me to dust off my Death Knight though! Let us know what class you will start Shadowlands with! :slight_smile:

(Jito) #3

Well the zones sort of feel up the alley for Deathknight, Priest, Paladin, Druid, and maybe Warlock. In my opinion.

I shall personally stick to my Priest as always. We’ve been on a long journey together at this point. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Moritz) #4

disc priest now and forever.
My new vulpera? priest.

But i guess it comes down to what changes come in shadowlands


Rogue, then DK. DK was the main during Wrath, sort of feels like I should main him now, but well, you know Rogue master class and all :rofl: :sunglasses:


I am considering to take my Prot pala first, since she is the one I usually clear new content with. But since BFA I am a little hesistant and thinking that I should go with what I really wanna main lol (not taking chances)

So for me it will be Mim here… Unless I cave in to the temptation of trying DK for the first time


From a gameplay PoV, we don’t even know what they’ll change to the classes.
They said they wanted to restore “class identity”. So at the moment it’s only a matter of appearence.

(Augosto) #8

I was hoping to start BFA as Feral druid but he was gimped so I went on with my DH and druid became Guardian alt/main/alt if that make since

so maybe this time around i will be feral druid from the start I just hope he will be good

unless there is new class, which I will play no matter what his style is


Well I really think shadowlands sounds great so far, but im not playing it unless we will see some class changes (unpruning x99999999999999999) tonight


Considering how owned the most powerful DK got, i am disappointed by DKs at the moment.

(Tèsla) #11

I change every xpack. Maybe is time to use my monk again.
Ill have 4 mains. Each one for covenant


With this druid like always. :grinning:


Well people should stop thinking bolvar is equally strong as arthas ever were.


I got 10 classes so i have to think about this one . I mained war , dk , hunter , dh so far :smiley:


literally the smallest feature of BfA…


Back to Classic pls, spergy boy.


To be honest, I have no idea yet. I don’t even have any max level characters at the moment. I lost interest in my mage after finishing Zuldazar quests but I’m still enjoying leveling with this hunter here. So maybe I’ll choose her. I guess it will be easier to decide after learning more about the forthcoming class changes :thinking:


The idea of having 4 for each covenent is tempting but it depends what exactly is involved in them.

As for the table mission comment, it maybe small but it just felt like the same stuff all over again and wasnt what i wanted. I prefer some better class theme and story more involved professions that can actually craft something of value. Mobile app table missions just not for me, i play on my pc and make phone calls on my phone.

So far though im thinking shaman, rogue, hunter, druid, priest or mage…

(Tahra) #19

BM hunter for life!

I might have to level up all my alt hunters for the other covenants. :upside_down_face:

(ßubbletea) #20

I wanted to explore the Shadowlands as a Dark Ranger, but im gonna slay as my monk