What class to reroll for BG fun/less dying?

So, I’m tired of having to throw myself into melee range and get squished and ranged one-shotted as a rogue.

I’ll be rerolling a new toon with focus on casual BGs/PvP and I’m looking for better survivability and good DPS (ie not healing).

What class should I go for?
Preferably as a Vulpera.

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Locks and mages are tanky


dk or dh are both very tanky.

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Druid. Lock. Priest. DK.

bg fun lol only ting u will face russian premade


DH don’t have a single self-heal. Leech only gets you so far.

In an organised group with a pocket healer they’re insane but in randoms, they’re squishier than rogues.


A lot of burst for selfheal, escape tools, crowd control and strong defensives.

Most of the times if someone want to kill a DH that don’t want to be killed they need to stun him and use cooldowns before he escapes unless they are two like in arenas.

Anything but warrior or rogue. Most classes have reliable on demand healing or CDs you can comfortably trade and still have more cds to use.

DH will get you out of almost every situation with netherwalk/blur/blade dance dodge/glide/rain from above/felrush/vengeful retreat and meta leap. Since you played rogue, DH is probably the best fit for you.

Isn’t a DH pretty similar then to rogue? Lots of tools on CD, leather (ie about the same squishiness), and mobility? And pretty much always in melee range. Not too big of a change?

If you are wondering how dh is , your answer is pvp ladder.

You’re saying DH is kickass in PvP?

DH is faceroll. With a respectable ilvl you will win any 1v1 just pop metamorphisis. If that is on cd you have a 1min “evasion”, a darkness 50% miss chance, rain from above gets you out of trouble and if all else fails just vengful retreat and double rush away :stuck_out_tongue:


ret palla?

You can try paladins, i have so much fun in my Paladin. i switched my main for this patch because of how fun they are.

You are in a bad situation pop shields, shields on cd pop lay on hand, both on cd steed away or take 1 with you as you die.

Ret Pala is actually not as braindead/op as it used to be say, like in WotlK.

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You can outheal healers and out DPS the DPS. Best of both worlds, very hard to take down and very good at doing damage. You have to think about retreating a lot less on a DK.

I know some are saying DH but for me (as Rogue main) they have a lot of the squishyness of the Rogue. Leech only works if you’re doing damage and you just don’t have the armour or the healing power of a DK.

Not talking 1 vs 1 here (Battlegrounds are not about 1 vs 1 imo). I’m talking about when you have multiple enemies trying to kill you. Hunters can shoot you out of the sky when you try to be clever on a DH and fly up into the air with Rain from above.

DKs can take a hell of a beating without having to retreat, which is much more fun than always looking for the escape option I think.