What classes do you not play?

Only class i don’t play is monk, just because they remind me of the only expansion that ever made me quit with a cinematic trailer.

Only time i ever played monk was when it was hella busted in 7.3.2 in legion.


Just don’t understand the class.
I’ve got a 111 Shaman, but I just don’t understand any of the specs.
I’m tempted to make a Draenei Shaman and re-level and relearn the class.

I’ve never been able to get into Rogues, DK’s, DH’s, Warriors and Monks.

I have all of those except DK at 120, but only DH have started losening a little on me.

In general I am not much of a melee person. The only melee spec I have ever felt good about is Enhancement shaman.

I have a goal to have all classes at 120. Only missing the DK atm, but I also leveling multiples of certain classes. Usually my favourites.

I like pretty much all classes… but i hate like 50% off specs, maybe more :D. Most of it has been done by class design overhaul. I used to loved demonology or destruction warlock, now i just cant to play it at all. When DH came to the PTR i was so hyped for both specs, i am not realy able to play havoc , i just cant. Back in days i played holy paladin, ret and prot. Now i just cant stand holy (glimmer ?), like shockadin gameplay was fun and i loved it, even when it was very easy spec back in days. At last you had to choose if you wanna heal or deal dmg. And yes i loved shadowpriest for many years, currently i hate it.Its just so bad and realy doesnt metter how high dps is. Some people still plays their beloved shadowpriests… you guys are heroes you deservers a credit for it :slight_smile:

At last the rogue realy wasnt my cup of tea (almost never, I still have my guilty pleasure with subtlety pve in cataclysm)

Warlock is my least played class, still don’t have one at max level in this expansion

Economics class. Man am I bad at managing my gold… :rofl:

On topic I actually don’t know, maybe druid would be my least played class, mainly as I played a bit of everything else before trying druid.
Even then I still got one to max back in Legion, haven’t spent much time on it in Battle for Azeroth though to be honest.

Reading the replies here some of them really could have been me at different points in my time playing WoW though, what I want to play at any given time depends on mood and what I want to do etc.


i cant play much alts in bfa. Its extremely unfriendly for alt gameplay.I wish artifact lvls were acctwide.(also essences)

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It is, but you can still level them at least…

Don’t play demon hunter* because I refuse to play the class which is equivalent to god mode.

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I struggle so much with meelees, though I have found that survival hunter is fun… But that’s the only I can play without problems :ok_woman:

But I want to lvl my paladin up, so I try my best with it… But I have only reached lvl 22 with it, so it’s a long way up :sweat:

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Paladin can also swipe and thrash if you wear shield :grinning:

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but ur a rogue dude ur not that far off

also i just can’t get into druid for some reason, and can’t commit to a priest cuz of 2 healing specs its the only class that has 2 healing specs and i find it annoying, used to play mage at start of bfa now i enjoy warlock more i find the 3 warlock specs more distinctive in nature compared to mage specs, for example as a warlock u can be dot focused with affliction, demon master with demo and a mage with destruction, i find that a better design imo, mage is just 3 different ways of doing the same thing, still enjoy mage tho, and have an alt Demon hunter they are op but they are also fun with mobility, wish they would introduce a 3rd spec to dh, wow needs more ranged specs so i dunno maybe it would be old survival hunter? or a caster with fel and shadow magic?(similar to warlock i know but then again destruction and fire mage are kinda similar so is shadow priest and affliction warlock)

I don’t play druids because I dislike being shape-shifted.
But I actually enjoy the playstyle a lot, as well as the lore and Boomkins have great visuals.

I’ve been all over the place this expansion, but the one class I absolutely do not care the slightest bit about;


If i wanted to be a fast paced melee I’d be a rogue, feral or even a enh shaman.

I don’t care for healing and tank.

DH and Priest are two other specs i care very little about. Although I could see myself playing SPriest for a little while in the future.

For anyone reading this who is trying to decide on a new alt, i’ll say the funnest specs I’ve played recently have been Boomkin, Rogue, Hunter (MM & Surv) and then I do enjoy my Warlock.

Wod was so good, i could enjoy all my classes equally in pvp without being dreaded by pve content. I miss wod :roll_eyes:


i feel like majority of wow players are racist against druids :rofl: The amount of frustration by dying to cat form or a giant chicken must be as real as dying to a gnome/goblin warrior :sweat_smile::laughing::rofl:

Monks and Shamans.

I can’t get my self to play Havoc Demon Hunter. It is so good and i want to get gladiator but at the same time so braindead and easy i just cannot
edit: i really want to play enhancement shaman but its so bad :frowning:

I will never lvlup shaman. Completely garbage

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You go level and gear a rogue mate and come fight me on any of my alts, I’ll put that rogue in the dirt with the rest of the rogue’s being carried by mages, warlocks, and rets :slight_smile: cause the class is nothing more than a stun bot.

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warrior - urgh.
death knight - I used to like this class, but the changes over the years has made me like it less and less
shaman - same with death knight, don’t like the changes to it over the years
warlock - I only like one warlock spec, that’s affliction, so when affliction isn’t doing well, I don’t play warlock.

EDIT: I have at least 1 of each class at 120, just not overly fond of the classes mentioned.