What customization options would you like to see for your race?

As the title asks. Since Blizz is apparently focusing more on customization options for the different races, what would you like to see for the race you play, or any others?

I want more hairstyles/facial hair styles for every race, so I won’t go into detail about that here.

Personally I’d like:


  • Human/Kul Tiran: Tattos, we’ve seen humans with tattoos before, for example in Boralus.
  • Dwarves: Happy with what I’ve seen, you can make a Wildhammer now.
  • Night Elves: Tattoos extending to their bodies maybe? Not just their face.
  • Gnomes: I have no idea.
  • Draenei: No idea to be honest.
  • Worgen: Separating human model and worgen model so you can customize both?
  • Dark Iron: Extending tattoos to the body, not just the face.
  • Lightforged: Dunno.
  • Void Elves: Normal skin tone option (but with the pale-blue of the Void eyes they currently have). This would explain how new Void Elves exist, because the Blueberries :large_blue_circle: only look blue because of Nether-Prince Durzaan. Those who study the Void normally, would logically speaking look normal. Like Alleria. Or change Alleria to a proper Void Elf!
  • Mechagnomes: Option to select however many limbs you want to be mechanical. And option to select one mechanical eye if you wish.


  • Pandaren: No idea.


  • Orcs: Tattoos and warpaint.
  • Troll: They’re already getting warpaints, so then I’ll say FACIAL HAIR!
  • Tauren: Warpaints! They’re inspired by native American tribes after all.
  • Forsaken: They’re getting “no bones” option, so I’ll say FACIAL HAIR here as well.
  • Blood Elves: MORE FACIAL HAIR! And also some tattoos.
  • Goblins: Don’t know actually.
  • Mag’har: Dunno, they got a lot of options already.
  • Nightborne: Redo the entire model and make them look better.
  • Highmountain: Not sure.
  • Zandalari: I don’t know, they got a few options already.
  • Vulpera: Not a single clue.

What would you like to see?

Edit: Altered Void Elves a bit.


More hairstyles and facial hair options for every race.
Gnomes, night elves, and orcs: Eyebrows.
Kul Tiran: Different looking faces.


Those poor Gnomes! Love the idea of your thread, can’t wait to read about the suggestions and ideas everybody comes up with! :slight_smile:


As a nightelf female druid, I want my golden eyes because it shows “great druidic potential”.

I’d also like the pink hair that nightelf DK’s eventually got. In the vanilla nightelf party portrait, female nightelves were showing with bright pink hair. I really wanted that back then, so would be lovely if it finally became an option.

For these, I’d like them to look more like the NPC’s. At least as a costumization option, because the NPC’s really do look great.


Yes please!

Bearded Forsaken! Like is Nathanos the only one or?


Body posture or size customization. Sure, tattoos and hair colour/style is cool 'n all that, but in the end, you’ll be wearing armour and most of those type of customizations will not be visible. Body type and posture will be at all times.

Please, make Worgen males stand up straight. And please, make options to make, for example, human males look less like they have been fed a diet of nothing else but steroids in the past 20 years.

I mean, one of the main points during the presentation at Blizzcon, while showing the new human faces and skin colours was ‘so you can look more like your character’. That’s nice when your face and skin tone match but when the rest of the body looks like the hulk, I’m sure most of us still do not match one bit.



  • more hairstyles
  • the option to have my back straight or atleast less hunched
  • the option to turn off my eyes’ glow not attached to a specific face
  • beards
  • my butt not sticking that much out (it clips with some of the newest armor models)
  • the option to be a FULL SKELETON (wouldn’t it be badass? Like the noggenfogger elixir, but better)

I’d add no bones but I’ve seen they’re already planning to add the option (such as hairstyles, but you can’t ever have enough hairstyles).


To look like someone has blown air into zem.

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Man’ari eredar skin for draenei.

  • Varying body types for all races

  • New hair options (mainly beard options, are really lacking for a lot of the males among races)

  • Scars (or wounds for forsaken, death knights e.g.)

  • height options (not sliders necessarily, would be happy with 3 different options)

  • Split customization options so that we don’t get dual choices within a single category (goblins with their ears and jewelry, faces and eye color e.g.)

  • Alternatively:
    weapon size options? We definitely do not need anyone to wield even bigger weapons, but if you prefer your blood elf with smaller two-handed weapons such as in their original iteration, that would be a nice option to have.


Yes, yes it would be badass :muscle:


As I understood it it inly comes for core races. For Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Nightelves and maybe Dreanai.
For Horde Orcs, Trolls… and maybe Bloodelves.

So nothing for my goblin main but for sure something for my orc dk twink.

For Orcs Tattoos obviously. Maybe scars and piercings in the tusks. Also more Skin colors. Maybe even red, reddish.

Tauren paint like Highmountains. New Horns, Horn decoration. Bells with audio animation while you run (most likely not, but I would love that). Maybe Taunka style. If they full creative maybe longer hair like scottish highland cattle.
Trolls are obvious.
Undead with fewer and mire bones.
Bloodelves with serious beard, Tattoos…

Alliance is harder since Gnomes and Dwarves are pretty much humams and offer less fantasy. But Dwarves are obvious now with Wildhammers. Gnomes? Hard to tell.
Drenai in red? Who knows.
Nightelves are hard to tell either. More tattoos. More piercings.


I would like to see more body options for some races, especially Humans and Dwarfs. Why do male Humans have to be on steroids when playing a mage/priest/warlock role? Why female Humans have such a fat legs? Can you add some different body types? Like fat, muscular, “normal” for some races? Or small, normal, tall? I would also like to see fat dwarfs instead of muscular ones.

Also i would like to have an option to “hide” glowing eyes. I can’t play races with glowing eyes. They are so dead looking … Don’t let me start on why every second race needs that super long ears.

So i don’t really care about tattoos, piercings etc. I only do care about physical look. So if we could have an option to make some ears on Elves smaller, an option to create normal eyes instead of glowing ones and an option to choose between three or at least two different types of body per each race …

Sorry for English …


I want those goth hairstyles undeads get - to elves as well, would fit my black eyes. And matching mascara to those hairstyles.


Honestly as a night elf that REALLY hates clipping, please let me get smaller ears PLEASE. I cry everytime i see my ears poke out of my helm :ccccccc


Upright forsaken. That would probably make me race change my main.


If goblins get anything pleas, oh old gods please, seperate beard from hair. There is no reason for my goblin to get rid of his beard because he wears a tricorne.


I don’t want any. I’m perfect allready.


I want slim pandaren’s as slim as the blood elf model

Edit: And I demand fat Draeneis!! Extra thicc Draeneis!

Edit 2: And I want my kul tirans fatter. I want to be moving around on a permant mobility scooter mount because I’m that thicc

Edit 3: and abnormally tall gnomes. Taller then night elves. I want long boys.

Edit 4: I want my tauren’s pre-packaged!!

These are my demands to you blizzard!!


For all races.
-body slider (nothing extreme just the chance to have a slight size difference within a race)
-scars/war wounds! (Azeroth is a dangerous place. It stands to reason we would have a few scars or ripped up ears by now)
-more jewellery/hair ornaments (big opportunity here to tailor things to each race using bones, feathers, gold, cogs/gears, etc)

Then it would be tattoos or warpaint where appropriate.
Sadly my favourite race, Pandaren, is probably the least cutomizable! :confused: