What do mage's have that warlock doesnt?


Mana cakes, portals, timewarp and a very very low skill ceiling.


If you’re looking for objectivity, you’re looking in the wrong place.

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Shamans are not on par with druids, but its a totally different class so it’s not supposed to be?

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Style, flair and panache? :grin:


Are they?
Both are nature themed classes.
Both are hybrid classes.
There both versatile.
They seem to be no different from paladin vs dk with the former being flat out beter then the later as it can heal.

Now dont get me wrong i want class deversity but it seems like some classes are just beter then other classes.

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Yes druid is better, so what? I have both classes and i enjoy shaman so much more then druid, even though i have to work twice as hard when healing on my shammy. Its been my main since BC and i’ll never stop maining shammy no matter how bad we are. I just dont understand what your point is? Everyone knows druid is OP compared to shaman.


As Dottie said this is clearly a troll thread OP doesn’t seem to understand that different classes have different toolkits, one class is not automatically better because another class has something different. This is entirely subjective.

If you have to ask this question then you clearly don’t play the mage class. Invisibility is a great way to remove threat and move through mobs without aggroing, it’s also useful on anything that fixates on you like the ability that Rezan does in Atal meaning you can get back to dpsing faster. Having an extra 10% intellect isn’t nothing to turn your nose up at, that’s extra damage for intellect dps and healing for healers which in turn can boost efficiency of those classes. Food might not be expensive but outside of buff food I see healers preferring to have mage food to regain mana, mage food works on a percentage (100% in total) rather than a fixed figure for normal water thus making it quicker to regen mana.

You’re asking what makes them on par with Warlocks but you list abilities like it automatically makes Warlocks better than Mages, The abilities that a class has mean nothing if the player doesn’t utilise them to help their party or raid and that goes for all classes. Even though useful I don’t see an awful lot of locks utilising half of their toolkit.


Also Shadowmeld is exclusive to Night Elves and not Druids, your argument comparing Shadowmeld like it is a druid ability is pure stupidity and shows your lack of understanding for the WoW classes along with other nonsense you’ve said in this thread.

Maybe you should read what I said again, I said…

I didn’t announce it as the absolute best and that is very clear from this quote. Your shadowmeld only works on you and doesn’t have the potential to save others. An earth elemental can pull threat to itself if something in a dungeon goes wrong. I’ve seen some skillful shamans use earth elementals to help groups in dungeons when things have gone bad.

Sheep has more uses then Banish (you missed a Warlock spell!).
Invisibility has uses, you just can’t see past your own deluded thoughts, never underestimate even the small things that a class has.
Food is useful, once again you’re underestimating other uses for free food.
I have never seen anyone troll with the earth elemental, you really pick some really bad people to play with if this happens on a regular basis to you when you have a Shaman in the group.

By using this logic and bringing it to spec level you could say that Frost DKs and Frost Mages are the same but we all know they aren’t.

Druids and Shamans are not the same because they share these similarities neither should they be the same based on these factors, this is stupid reasoning for your wrong arguments.

I’m glad you’re someone who plays a class/spec because you enjoy it, I wish there were more players like you who didn’t treat the game like a job that can only be completed using certain tools.

Druids are just tuned better than shamans for BFA, if it were the other way then you’d see 1000s of Shaman healers and FOTM rerollers changing to the Shaman class. I wouldn’t bother replying anymore to him because he clearly lacks understand of classes and the use of their class abilities.


Not a troll post.
Just trying to understand why people would play a lesser class.
You gave me convincing arguements.
Thanks for explaining.


Locks are great - never boring - no two the same


Actually there is no class identity in BFA and the only fact is some classes perform better at their given roles than other classes while bringing more utility and versatility to the group and raid team as well as a PvP team or combination.


Just trying to understand the appeal of playing a lesser class.
I ment no offense.


You certainly are not, i play holy and i do mostly m+ where holy isnt exactly the best healer


Dignity? It’s dignity.


Druid is OP period Sin, not just compared to shammy:p
And still if i were to go level another healer my choice would be shammy. I just like that when doing keys i am the underdog and have to prove i can do it, not anything like druids who hot everything and then go for a shower

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No offense taken. Would u have everyone running around with fotm classes? Warrior, resto druid and 3xoutlaw rogues? Where’s the fun in that? :woman_shrugging:t3:



And now we get to my core problem.
Do i play druid because i enjoy it or because it is overpowered.
I am hoping that by learning why people take lesser classes will help me solve this anoyance.

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Some love a class and sticks to it no matter how they perform, others reroll to fotm all the time to be OP and competitive. For me i have no interest in the hardcore endgame. I manage fine with the content i do with resto shammy. Would things become easier if i used my druid instead? Maybe… would i enjoy it as much as my shammy? Probably not.


You’re welcome.

You really should stop looking at certain classes as lesser though, we see this enough throughout the game where people are judged on class and not how well that they can perform.


The one gripe i have with this is the term ‘lesser class’. Just because a class performs a bit better now doesnt make other classes ‘less’.
Like Sinaaki said, for the content i do this guy here performs more than good enough and i wouldnt want to main another toon because i enioy playing him so much.
Tried druid for a bit, didnt like it so rdudu is out of the question for me no matter how OP they are

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arcane briliance , ice block, blink, sheep, hero, conjure food.