What do Warriors actually say when they taunt?


We all know that classic warriors are best tankers and can suffer through massive damage without dying :love_you_gesture:t6: True pride boys :blue_heart:

The complete opposite class is warlock. They have a girlfriend who obeys their every command :smiling_imp:


Disclaimer These are taunts, if they upset you, they worked!

Male warrior vs male -> I thought i was the gayest man ever untill i met you you hit worse then a girl

Male warrior vs female -> I thought sex and the city was horrible to watch, then i met you

Female warrior vs male -> moan Hit me… harder!!! Harder!!!

Female warrior vs Female -> Girl i’m going to sleep with your man, and afterwards im going home wearing your prada dress!

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Mine just simply …/flex


Obviously it is facts about the target’s maternal parent.

(Laeli) #29

Warriors use the Bruce Lee taunt.


“Your loot is hunter loot.”


It was smth about “hunter weapon”, wasn’t it? %)


“Unfortunatly, we’ve reviewed the numbers and Classic just isn’t going to be profitable. Its is therefor cancelled.”


“Haha… look at your transmog. What are those, greens?”


They say “Your mother was a murloc”.


Our tank once screamed “DROP MY PANTS!” but I think he meant it.

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Any Warrior worth their salt will be fully aware that they are equipped with Hunter gear, given that every item in the game is a Hunter item.

I’ve often wondered if this is the real cause of prima donna tank behaviour - that sense of guilt that the shield they are equipped was unfairly taken from the Hunter to whom it should rightfully belong.


"Yo mama’s so fat that chain lightning hits her three times!!"*

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Yeah, that would totally work.


" Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of Elderberries!"

Whatever warrior i have would defenitely have a french accent.


Personally I think my troll warrior is just going to go full Essex chav on them “Ya wanna fight innit bro!”


“You have no chance of bedding Sylvanas! I’m see her later!” :yum:


I don’t like this place


‘‘Yo moma so ugly, I ruffied her and Bill Cosby said NO!’’


I always imagined that as you learn Taunt (or the Pally equivalent) you were taught a highly insulting phrase or two in a couple different languages, ie. Orkish, Taurahe, Gooblydeegook ect. for an Ally; Darnassian, Common etc. for Hordies, and all learned a choice insult or two in Murloc an d Naga languages. Higher ranks brought more languages, maybe even gestures in play.