What do you get at 2400+ solo shuffle?

Hi I just tried the new game mode “Solo shuffle” , and reached 2400+ raiting. Now what?

Any mount, title? What is next milestone?

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literally just copy paste ur question in google and u have ur answer



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R1 amongst your spec for some title, that’s it

You’re at Elite rating. Win 100 more rounds and you’ll unlock the “Legend” title.
Then, by the end of the season, if you’re in the top 0,1% of your spec, you’ll unlock the permanent title “Crimson Legend”.

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“Just tried”.

200 games.


20 rounds of solo shuffle. That is tried?

20 times 6 goes beyond 170 in your world of mathematics ? Pretty impressive.


He can’t play with rank 1 boosters in shuffle

That’s true.

Atleast he doesn’t buy accounts outright like some warrior/enh players

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Laithelmus the type of person to scream worldstar as soon as a fight broke out in school :smiley:


doing rakar (thurga) dirty there :rofl:

Ok how old are you now like idk 23 ? I mean will you Mature or you wanna meet irl and we talk it out w a nice Coffee or something

I mean you improved alot ingame i guess but thats it you still in your mams house didnt u say you study or something i hope you bang that like shuffle

I mean i see alot of ppl here talking s about me which is fine cause they would not have the b*** to say it to me irl ur one of them who has them im pretty sure.
So i dont wanna have beef w u i respect you ngl

You have money to buy accounts and all you have to offer is a coffee?

You forgot where i come from i’ll do more than that irl

Why i might ask ?

is this AMA session?
have you ever tried to poly target with deathmark at 2400 and how did it go?

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