What do you need to tank in lfr?


Those are some great advice…
6)Read chat: “omg tank is nub”
7)‘You have been removed from the group’


Confidence in yourself and reading the encounter information.
Generally it’s the switching with the other tank mechanics and splitting bosses mechanics that you should have atleast read in the adventurers journal.


Thanks all off you.


It’s LFR for a reason.
You aren’t supposed to wipe there…


You will if tanks don’t properly taunt. But what do you know, stick to dps. :slight_smile:
Besides lfr is the first step towards higher difficulties so why not do things right.


dont forget to tab back in to loot the bosses


No really, except some specific fights tank needs to learn nothing except tank and spank in LFR. That’s the sad reality of it; You only need to follow DBM alerts.

Props to the tanks willing to do it properly though.


I’d add to the list: a thick skin! LFR tends to bring out the worst in people and tanks often bear the brunt of it.

Bear in mind that often the proper tactics aren’t followed, or in some cases (e.g. Aggramar in Antorus), the LFR mechanics work a bit differently, so applying normal/HC tactics doesn’t work. Reading up on the encounters would definitely help though - usually the Fat Boss guides on Wowhead have an LFR section at the end which specifies what’s different there so definitely check that out.

Might also be a good idea to do the fights on LFR as a dps and pay attention to what the tanks are doing, the positioning etc. What works and doesn’t work? How could you do the same or better?


You need a class capable of tanking + the ilvl requirement, other than that? Nothing

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Just look at guides, and get some good unit frames. You need to clearly see your stacks AND the other tanks. If you know what you’re doing, tanking is the easiest job in a raid by a mile.

1st boss - tank swap at 7 stacks, drop a puddle at the side
2nd boss - tank swap every 15 secs
3rd boss - swap after boss does tidal fist
4th - swap when ya coral stack drops
5th - swap at 7 stacks
6th - swap at 7 stacks
7th - just smash it on lfr/normal
8th - stack/seperate first adds. Swap on azshara round 30 stacks. Kite the spear add to the bubbled adds. Move azshara round the room and swap at 30 stacks.

Pretty much the gist of it for lfr/normal/heroic/. There’s really not much to tanking raids, hardly have to bother with positioning on lfr/normal.


So my fear of it being hard is unfounded?


Well, it is not hard no.

But if there is a special mechanic that tanks have to deal with - it is just very unforgiving (your mess up can directly lead to a wipe).

Although in LFR that is hardly ever the case.

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It’s stupidly easy tbh. I fund tanking the bosses far easier then being a DPS on heroic. The first 4 bosses are very forgiving if you mess up. 5th boss ya dead at 10 stacks, 6th boss ya dead at 10 stacks. 7th boss is very forgiving. Azshara is very forgiving too.

Install “deadly boss mobs” and it’ll spam ya chat window, with other tank stacks. And it’ll go wild with a foghorn noise/flashing the screen red when you need to taunt and tank swap.

Best advice is just do it, it’s no where near as hard as what people think, when they’ve never tanked before.

Guardian druid is the easiest tank by a mile. 4 button DPS rotation, and dump all your rage into iron fur. Just doing that you can probably clear heroic raid lol.


Good advise.


The boss mechanics is not the problem…dealing with the raid is the true chalenge. Eletist players going afk because lfr is beneath them, ( but for some reason still queue), people standing in fire that gives a @#*@# about mechanics. Lfr is hell.

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Have a very VERY thick skin. A quick scan of the forums will give you a taste of how impatient and condescending “experts” (sic) can be.

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For LFR - just install basic add-ons like dbm recount and UI you prefer.

Read dungeon journal - how to fight that boss according to your spec. Also read up on boss abilities from dungeon journal.
Que for LFR
Tell in group - this first time I am tanking if anyone wanna provide any tips.
If you wipe try to find reason for that and don’t do that mistake again.

You good to go.

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LFR tanking is not a bad 1st thing to tank. I’d advise watching the “Two minutes tanking guides” on YouTube for each boss.


I just did my first lfr.
It was a zerg rush.

This what i was scared for.
A bigger dungeon?

Honestly it is less scary the lfg.
I feels like i am just a face in the crowd.

DBM feels a bit like cheating but i see how usefull it can be.

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