What do you people think about SL spriest

So its been 1,5 year since priest rework.

Your thoughts?

As for me current priest is better only in pvp. I find legion / bfa spriest much more fun and rewarding especialy in m+ content. I will even state, that azerite beam burst was MUCH better than current voidform.

I am still mad that shadowly aparitions are generated by mindblasts and not dots. I miss the neverending shadow parade. It had even higher chance to proc while moving! And now sometimes you dont even have time to stop and cast that blast…

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I like how it is now more than legion/bfa for everything. I just feel like for single target that we need some minor tweaks, such as making everything tied to VT atm tied to SW:P as some of it used to be. But our aoe does really need a major rework.

Generally I feel like dot’s are actually at such a bad state in the game, unless it’s bleeds or poisons, that they might as well just get deleted, or given a “deals less damage if applied to more than 5 targets” modifier, so that they can return to a place where it actually feels good to use a gcd on them

I do agree the apparition change sucks hard, and Dark Thoughts should’ve remained a SW:P proc when they made it baseline


The Shadow priest today is A clunkfiesta when it comes to aoe every other bottom D tier class can do instant aoe damage on deman even a tank today can do 50k aoe dps on demand here i am still useing [Vampiric Touch] on 20+ adds to even be viable when i get to spam searing nightmare that can only be casted 2 times during a mind sear run BUT OH WAIT i have to click my worthless mastery [Dark Thoughts] that prox my mind blast within a canneling mind sear and THEN Then… I have to press void bolt and then then repeat again and pray to god am not bottom dps oh wait i am okey rip this class you hear how cluncky fiesta this class is today? well peace.

They even made the talent three at the lvl 30 row so bad its a gimmic joke. Blizzard even joke about priest in their april Fools joke Priest

No changes needed.

not impressed by the rework at all not even one bit.

I know blizzard they can do better than this rework shadow in 10.0


I stopped playing spriest because searing nightmare is annoying. I wish it worked more like DP, just press it once and does AOE instead of having to stand still and channel for 3 gcds.

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For pve i dont like this cd based bot gameplay. Voidform legion and bfa was more fun for me.

In pvp its ok.


For me bfa sp was more fun, we could spam voidform and our dots actually were doing dmg.
This xpac we are so far behind everyone else it’s crazy, especially in pvp ;we do 0 dmg (thx to offhealing, auto proc and other passive reduction Magix dmg etc…) and our dots are litteraly ticking less than usual absorb stuff or hots.

In top of that voidform doesn’t really had any decent dmg, and makes our obly CD barely scare anything.

Our legendary are so insanely trash nothing give us decent dmg upgrade (except necro one that got nerfed to the ground, and that can be dispelled BTW and the ramp up takes time in pvp).

Priest is just there to cc and give pi to team mate and swap/MD otherwise no point to play with a priest.

Idk had more fun in bfa (can’t belive I say that xD)

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For all its problems SP currently has, the design is miles ahead that of both Legion and BFA, which are probably examples of the worst degenerate game design you could have for a spec. Survival in Legion is more or less as badly designed.

The spec is currently in transition. And the only two ways ahead are:

Rip away the whole voidform + voidbolt etc mechanic. Maybe even insanity. Build something new or old.


Go back to voidform. Which i dont want ever again, so my die is cast.

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When ppl say this, im actualy curious how would you replace it? And by that i mean without it would be mindblas + mindflay spam.

I totaly respect your opinion on legion/bfa design but i also strongly disagree with you. I guess to each their own.
It would be cool to have legion bfa void priest as fourth spec of priest for those of us who liked it.

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legion / bfa priest was engaging and fun in m+ dungeon. I would go back anytime.

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i hate channeling mind flay/sear . prefer cast them for 2 seconds

WoD/Mop Shadowpriest for me, personally.

The main thing I would want out of a rework is that mind blast should deal really high damage again, as it used to do in the past.

I dont think mind flay should have any relevance for the class’s damage. I’d move dark thought back proccing from our dots, and mf would really only be our filler/slowing spell. Thats all.


I think shadow priest as it’s now is not working for anything content at all for me that is.

I think our defensives are but a joke, our healing is also but a joke. Our bubble absorbing damage is also a joke compared to what we used to be.

Back In Wod shadow was more fun compared to what it is today. Shadow priest is the only class specialization not allowed to have any fun in damage done or aoe damage done.

We are the puzzle specialization specc that blizzard could have done good but instead mixtures with each expansion over ‘‘void form’’ a thing no one wanted from the start which both looks ugly and we can’t glyph away the effects of it.

Shadow feels less shadow and more of a stand still and you are not allowed to have any damage or any aoe or any fun. With this tier bonus shows how less you care about our specailization to begin with you could have made so our mind bender stayed up as a pet instead of going away each 30 sec we already asked to have a pet as shadow it’s been a thing we have asked for since wrath of the lich king.

For the next expansion 10.0 if mind bender stays up as a hunter/warlock pet and we can customization it with bunch of glyphs in to shadow stuff. You could just add so our passive does damage as our legendary does now, it would fix the lousy problem i have with the specc and also it make searing nightmare a ability we learn passive while doing mind sear this small changes would make shadow priest more enjoyable to play. Then we would do mind sear to spread shadowword pain then Mind blasting while our pet jumps at targets whilst we throw out shadow touches.

I have no room in this specc for void form this specc should go away from that ability and give us pet management instead.


i dont think SP should be a pet class.

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BFA spriest felt better for me in m+ even if it wasn’t top damage. The weird thing is Blizzard wants dots to do no damage but still require us to cast it on everything in AOE to build up insanity.

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I find that with my shadowpriest experience it has no place among the rest of the classes, either all classes are either really fast or have big hitters, Like say fury warrios, rogues DH, or Mages, Destro Locks, Shadowpriest does none of it. Atleast thats my experience.

Shadowlands without shadow in it is the worst expack since after void form legion. I hope they walk away from this ramp borrish specc do something with the necrolord style that you get pets that spawns and slimes on your dots and bring back cascade make it necro slimey and spectral guise.

For the love of god bring some pet mannagement in as shadow .

Remove void form bring back my raven wings.

this started from WoD onwards, and certainly moreso even in Legion.

Dots just don’t deal any damage, for whatever reason.

Out dots useless, out sustain useless, our aoe wetnoddle, our four set more like snore fest now my guildies want me to heal and i dont want to heal becouse i can’t push aoe with this sett.

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I like Devouring Plague, the nostalgia hits me hard.

Hate it

I was never the biggest fan of shadow in the first place, but i really liked how unique the playstyle was, now its just another caster with pretty same-ish playstyle as the other casters