What do you think of a 1 week long free realm change 3 or 6 months into classic?


Basically as the title says. Depending how everything plays out do you think this could be good?

A lot of people i think end up attached to there characters, especially in vanilla. If i reached level 60 on a character i doubt there is much that would make me change server even if i wanted to due to the time investment.

Some possible reasons for wanting to swap server:

  1. Current serve is op or overpopulated
  2. You discover you like vanilla pvp more than retail pvp, and want to join a pvp server
  3. you find out some of your old wow friends are playing on another server. Or an old guild you used to play in. Even if it was TBC, Wotlk, or Cata guild.
  4. your current pvp server has a huge faction imbalance meaning there is either nobody to fight, or you can’t play without gank attempts every 2mins.

i’m sure there is some other possible reasons, but i think it might be best as a time limited thing. Instead of the retail version where you can do it when ever for money


That my friend, will be when Blizzard implements pay server transfer services.

Because money :slight_smile:


Nope. People will not sort out servers by themselves. Low pops with not become higher pop, instead everyone will move off it etc.

Plus blizzard won;t spend the cash offering this.

Dead in the water before it’s even got off the ground mate.

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Realm transfers would be nice after 3-6 months, but im ok with paying so peoples dont server jump all over.

Also factionchange would be cool, cuz atm it seams half my friends goes ally and half horde.
If the friends i go with quit playing i wanna join the others.
And lvling again is no, ill just go back to retail instead.


Nah, if people make a poor choice then they should be forced to reroll


There might be free transfers from highly populated realms to low pop. There also might be from 1 realm with a bad alliance/horde ratio to one who has the opposite problem. Those transfers would be for 1 faction only though. But paid transfers was a thing in vanilla and after a while I’m sure you can do them here too.

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The only free transfers they introduced is to one sided realms, to try fill up the dead side. Basically you look for new pastures and get stuck in a loop until you pay.


Nah, should live by your rep

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