What does your Zandalari think of the other troll tribes?

Having always thought of themselves as superior to the other tribes I wouldn’t be surprised if your character would at least still partly hold on to this mentality.

But with the attempt to reunite the tribes back in Cataclysm and their them working with other tribes during Zuls invasion of Pandaria and the presence of other trolls walking about Dazar’alor.

Where does your character currently stand now that the Zandalari have officially sided with the Horde?

Overall I am not a fan of the general ”everybody gets along” which seems to be the current narrative. Especially for the zandalari. Their nigh immortal king was just recently slain by the Alliance for example.

So if I had active zandalar character he would not think zandalari as superior, but he would know that they are :stuck_out_tongue:

They had the greatest empire and the fact they attempted to unify troll tribes also adds to the superior mentality, since they think they are fit to rule and guide them to greatness (since the other tribes clearly cannot help themselves).

Altough my troll toon would not be snobby or overly rude about it.


My Zandalari is a dirt-poor casteless street rat who had to lie and cheat and steal to survive to adulthood and has only very recently been fortunate enough to get picked up by the dragonscale expedition on the isles for work. Actual, tangible work that pays. He keeps his politics to himself but the empire can take a long walk off a short pier and into the jaws of Gral as a tasty snack for all he cares.

As for the other troll tribes he doesn’t really care, just don’t come after him and his and everything will be fine.


My Zandalari used to view them as children in need of guidance, Gurubashi and their blood magic, Farraki and their terrible living, Drakkari and their loa devouring… well, it has always been the job before MoP suddenly made them bent on conquest, their were big lore keepers and guides for younger tribes, eventually it escalated into complete dislike for tribes due to seeing them as nothing but weak (The lore of prizing physical over dexterity etc…)

Naturally, he never admitted the issues of Zandalari, the Caste system truly could be brutal as we see several urchins stealing and whatnot, both due to utter delusion and bloated pride.


Although she did not survive my great Alt Purge of 2022 (I had to get it under control), I did have a Zandalari character for a bit.

Her opinion on other troll tribes wasn’t something she put much thought into, but I do recall her being utterly disinterested in them. They were still trolls, which did put them above and beyond all non-troll races out there… but they were basically ne’er-do-wells compared to the might of Zandalar.

Polite disinterest. She would never walk up to a Darkspear and openly mock their quaint island home, but she would decline an invitation to visit.

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For a paladin who’ll probably get IC one day the other tribes are nothing but servants of the loa and the Zandalari, all according to the caste system. The very idea of burying Vol’jin, a chieftain of a minor tribe in Kings’ Rest was all but sacrilege to her, but she could see reason in letting the Horde have what they want. It will come and go, and the tomb will be purged in time, and for now a prelate can only pray for Rezan’s return.

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Pff wait till this Prelate hears about Vol’jin absorbing the rest of Rezan’s power.

I think allot of Zandalari will still hold on to feeling superior, especially the older ones. The younger ones might be more open to the idea of mingling with others, not just other Troll tribes.

You can also see in Zul’dazar that the non zandalari live in the lower regions of the city. Which indicates that they are welcome but not welcome enough to live with the Zandalari.

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I won’t lie, I think the standard superiority complex can get boring to RP.

Since Legion and before that, there’s been a massive increase of characters who, by virtue of having X biology and culture, they think they are above everyone else and keep reminding that in RP.

I recall someone once made a Big5 personality survey, and found out that people usually make characters that somewhat align with their personality, but that are less open-minded than them. Hence, the amount of “I really hate X race, my Y race is sooo much better!”

While this may create some conflict, I also think it is a cheap way to do so, and that often it doesn’t really add the depth people think it does. So the conflict is usually a bit shallow, and kinda one-dimensional.


I do find the flavour of different fantasy races engaging with and learning from one another to be the more compelling approach to roleplay/storytelling rather than isolationist xenophobia, for sure. A Zandalari who sees that the world is irrevocably changing, especially with the death of Rastakhan, and struggling to keep up is a cool premise for me.


It soulds like blasphemy of the worst kind, and is a point of deep regret if SL is counted canon in this. I honestly don’t see any prelate believing in that, or at worst thinking it’s not the other way around. The Loa of Kings couldn’t have met this fate, but Vol’jin might have helped him to recover faster. Or that’s what people would believe.

Rakhul hopes that it is the beginning of the reunification of the Trolls though he still holds the Horde at arms length, being partly responsible for the loss of the Golden Fleet and the death of King Rastakhan.

Kem is not huge fan of them joining with the Horde but he sees the positives in it.

He thinks the Darkspear are traitors since they always stood against the Empire and other trolls (Cata/MoP).

He respects the Amani a lot, and about the rest he is indifferent.

Blondie isn’t a Troll.

But she thinks Trolls are more fun to be around compared to Orcs or Forsaken, although Zandalari can overall be a bit more stuck-up.

Empire? Seeing the world outside it’s blatantly obvious the zandalari dwell in a single ruined city built on lies and the self interest of the higher castes. Outside, the world opens up and promises so much more. Let the pyramids sink into the sea. The fleet is the way out. Cast off and find true freedom under a starlit sky.


Most my older Zandalari don’t give a crap aside my druid who has always been a scholar and collector of knowledge so likes to keep tabs on what the other tribes are up to.

My hunter loves everything non Zandalari but she is young and hadn’t been off Zandalar before BFA.

My monk’s only memory she has is her name so she is having to learn about everything outside of Vol’dun all over again.

Little Zandalarers would like to know your location.

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