What happend to the EU Beta Testers?

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But he can still use the forums at work!


I’ve already checked like 20 times since that.

But, I’ve just recovered and resubscribed my old 2009 account. So, maybe it will happen.

Plus, it would be funny if I got both battle.net accounts flagged :smiley:


Lunch break has ended


I tried activating a second account (got 5) Yes i will multibox…But sadly no sub on that one yet.


On the beta?

Well, from the perpsective of an AddOn developer…


This was just (re)posted on the EU forums:



You are talking about the “processing” that can take up to 72 hours?

Well, I’m waiting on that, but technically, I have game time, and I have another license on that account, so I’m eligible.

Why, EU CMs got to work after the weekend


We’re looking into this right now as it seems that section isn’t correctly recognising the beta account flagging. For those who have beta access, please try completely logging out of the forums and then logging back in to see if you can post in that section.

The servers are hosted in NA datacenters but are accessible by players in both NA and EU who have beta access (similar to how the PTR realms are setup).

2005 accounts that did not get beta

For those who have beta access, please try completely logging out of the forums and then logging back in to see if you can post in that section.

If you give me beta access I’ll test it for you guys :thinking:


Is it the same, let’s say pattern, in EU that the one we can observe in NA, oldest accounts first?


Aerythlea, I don’t know if this is too much to ask, but can you confirm that there has been an EU wave of invites sent out?

Maybe most people here were just unlucky in the draw, but the WoW Beta Test forum remains empty and I personally thought it was because the EU didn’t actually get any invites, save for 1 or 2 streamers.

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Thank you for clearing this up! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes but how many of EU players actually received acess…

Just look at the US forums, dozens of topics people cheering they received access but here? we found like a couple of poeple. :confused:

We all know it’s only beta tests and in 3 months we’ll be able to play full game, still, we also have a say in bugs reporting and feedback, just look at us, reporting bugs just by watching streams. :smile:


Crossing fingers for beta invites for us EU dudes. Been looking for info about this for some time. Thanks for clearing a few things up


Vanilla Account here, please let me in…whole excel spreadsheet to test

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After reading this I was about to buy a sub since I have 7 eur on my Blizzard wallet, but then I realized you cannot combine Blizzard Balance and credit card. Nor can you buy less than 10 eur of Blizzard Balance. Thank you blizz and congratulations on clever marketing, people probably have millions of balance they can’t use. Great profit there.


Are you certain you received access to the WoW Classic Beta?

I am asking b/c we have seen this mistake before.

The PTR: WORLD OF WARCRAFT is NOT Beta Access to the Classic Beta. That’s the Retail BFA Beta.

So far, there’s only one person for whom we are sure that he has gotten in, and he was playing since Day 1 EU and has done Beta Testing for Bliz before in all expansions except one.

The other 2 people who claimed that they got Beta Access from the EU region could simply have been cases of mistaken identity like yours is.

To clarify this, if you got selected for Classic Beta, what you should be seeing in your launcher is:


Source: Sodapoppin


Is there really only 1 known case of someone in EU getting the Beta?

Me and the few people I play WoW with have been playing since day 1 and have been hoping for this to come along for so long, every since after Wrath and all I am doing at the moment is checking my emails and relogging every 2 hours in the hope that I have it.

Would be nice to know if none had actually gone out yet so I can relax a bit…


Hi Ollie.

I have been following these forums since I returned b/c of the Classic Beta, and so far there’s been only one confirmed case of a Beta Tester from the EU like I said, that of a female Nelf.


Blizzard promoting gambling knowing per well that US accounts have what seems a 99% chance of being selecting unlike us EU , we just want some clarification!