What happened to the Classic forum?

I was about to reply to a thread and got a 404.

it’s gone. maybe classic is getting its own forum now that the release is pretty close?

I guess the same as the US forums, classic getting its own category, with subgroups for general and recruitment


They have redesigned the section. There is a separate Classic section now. But you have to go to Games --> World of Warcraft --> Forums to see it. If you just click on forums, it won’t show up. Probably a cache thing so try clearing your browser’s cache too.

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classic canceled

They’re still missing for me.
I’ve sent a nudge to the community team, will let you know if I hear anything.


Can you see these links (these are direct links to the Classic section):


That’s the American one. It’s been there a while. We’re looking for the Eu one.

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Ah…then, I can only assume they are changing it? I have the same issue as was looking for a post and now it’s gone.

This is a link to mine.

I would guess so. They’ll be making it bigger and better. :grinning:

That’s a link to the nether Dottie.

Return to Forum

Is what I get from your classic link.

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Yeah, if I click on the old link, I get a 403 error:


If you check the map link it goes from Forum->Your thread link without a category.

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Click on the thread name not the full forum part.

Yeah none of the links are working for me either… I do have to say, that I find a lot of the stuff going on vis-a-vis how Classic is handled to be sub-par.

  • Communication: Big waves of silence despite a lot of outstanding items for the community.
  • Stress-test Announcement: RU leak and confusion about it being US only
  • Promotion: hardly any actual promotion of the classic launch despite the time and effort the team put into it
  • Forum setup: US gets dedicated forum segments, EU gets a catch-all, and now its gone

Why? @dottie That’s not to the classic forum either and just confirms that it’s being adjusted and will return bigger and better like the American one. We can’t go anywhere from your links other than back to the forums. I’m presuming that it will be back.

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Probably but that thread was in the Classic section.

Lol, we know there are threads there, it’s the link to the forum that’s gone, no doubt while they adjust it. Maybe they could have left a separate link up explaining what they’re doing. I’m assuming that’s what it is and they haven’t lost it somewhere. :joy:

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Relax… it’s most likely an “oops” moment.

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