What if ----- mourneblade

Zovaal wants anduin to be his new weapon and make him into a lich king. But we all know this won’t happen. As golden boy is one of blizzards favorites and already is described in one of velens visions to lead everyone against the armies of the void.

I don’t know if sylvanas will be the one to help him in the end because she suddenly will change her mind or if we are the ones to free him.

But aren’t we forgetting about another faction leader being in torghast wich we haven’t freed. One wich was not yet captured by zovaal. One wich is not as nice and full of hope like Anduin. One wich actually might be willing to take up the mourneblade to carry out her goal of vengeance?

thats right, tyrande. After taking night elven souls out of torghast she stayed behind. Wouldn’t she be a perfect candidate to wield the mourneblade? Zovaal made it clear he could always look for another at some point. Anduin might look promising to him, but what about the night warrior? A skilled and experienced leader pumped up with strong powers might make a strong lich queen. One wich could open the way to the lifelands for a future expansion as zovaals armies of death try to invade the lifelands. Elunes night warrior powers might be useful for this end.

The mourneblade doesnt have to be wielded by anduin, so what if tyrande is the one who will wield it in the end

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Anything could be. It might depend on the relationship of Elune and the Jailer. Would they meet? Would they “fight” through Tyrande on one side and Sylvanas on the other? Not clear so far what are the plans for all of those characters.

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Zovaal seems to have a thing (his Mournblade) for young blondes with Light powers. Tyrande isn’t that.


You’d think after the umpteenth time and even making a complaint about the plan being a failure after several attempts that Zovaal would probably consider the flaws of the ‘Mourneblade’ plan.

As we know the light isn’t really all that good, and velen is really really related to the n’aaru we don’t know how they can influence his "Visions’’ and that anduin would lead the army of the light, I don’t think blizzard would just put anduin in that spot of becoming something greater, or zooval creating mourneblade just because well apparently velen had vision back in legion, which reminds me where is velen? he seems quite done

We’ll just have to see what brilliant ideas the writers have for their pet characters. I’m not holding my breath.

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