What if - WoW arena would be a separate game from WoW

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What if instead of making constantly horrible changes Blizzard would create separate PvP game called let’s say Warcraft Arena. No PvE balance issues, no stupid gear, devs and designers only focused class balance and PvP design. This game could have clearer ui and more camera options so it’s easier to follow. What do you think? Blizzard desperately needs new games.


What if WoW was candy crush


That would require pvp devs though

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But still sounds better than forever hoping for any changes than everything being ruined because class x sucks in raids.

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I wish. I think we all do.

PS: If by some miracle Blizzard does this and happens to read this post: Don’t litter the game with specs, just add a few - the most iconic one from each class (especially the pures, no need for all 3 mage specs for example).


It wouldn’t work on it’s own, but would just retract the original WoW experience. What your describing is basically a WoW League of Legends, while not off-putting it’s just not gonna have enough content to cater for us long term but would just kinda destroy current WoW PvP for us. Even if they made an incredible 10/10 PvP game it’s a huge gamble. It’s a dream we can carry on dreaming but realistically it probably won’t happen :frowning:

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Who can predict if it would work. Noone says that it can’t have way more game modes than arena or bg. Some gear progression might still be there. Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 every season that you can get from PvP activities. At least there won’t be broken PvE gear and stupid PvE changes ruining our meta. If such game would be 100% focused on PvP it can create new complexity and mechanics that due to PvE aspect of the game we might not experience. This might create new esports genre. Typical shooters are slowly dying, MOBAs too. People got bored with Battle Royal. Why not try Arena games.


But your talking about splitting the longest active commercial successful game into 2 games. Why would they take content we already have away from us, adapt it and improve some aspects, then try and sell us it again? All it will do is guarantee a loss of players and resources on Wow potentially killing it, for the small chance Wow Arena will catch on as a standalone. Its like taking away some of the sugar in Coke to make a half diet Coke… Your destroying an already working system for something that might not be successful.

Not to mention the fact of queue times. At some points at night you can be waiting Well over 10 minutes for a game of PvP/Arena. It’s good to have PvE and heaps of other content to mess around with while you wait, if you take half of the the player base away from Wow and put them in Arena Wow, I can’t imagine it competing with Overwatch, LoL etc for Matchmaking speed, unless obviously they managed to secure the interests of fortnite players and other popular franchises, but then to do that they would need to sell thier soul to the devil and then it just wouldn’t be WoW, but then if they market it to Wow players it will just kill Wow, so what’s the point?

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That would require devs who understand what class balance is so we dont go through a whole season where most melees and casters can thanos snap you by connecting once.

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Did you imagine Dota 2 Auto Chess to be successful? How successful BfA is if it loses to 15 y.o. version of it. Ouch…

WoW is it’s worse state and for the first time it will have serious competitor - Classic. Are you aware of the state of this game? PvP is one of the best parts of the game atm even though it’s so bad.


Then I wouldnt play it. Special thing about arena is that it takes game in this virtual world and you have your own character which you improve etc. and you can do other stuff besides arena.

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Then you can “enjoy” BfA. So many interesting things to do


wouldn’t it be easier for them to just implement vendors/ressilience back into the game? like they had in WOTLK. By doing this, they don’t risk everything i guess

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This game took already so many bad changes that adding vendors is only small step in making it good. Adding vendors won’t fix the class design.

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You’re right. It won’t. But making a whole new/seperate game would take way more time than actually fixing the class’ and adding vendors, i could imagine

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Yes but we can avoid situations when Unholy is buffed because guess what dot spec is not doing as good single target as the rest of specs while it’s insane in aoe. We avoid nerfing specs like shadow that aren’t really viable now. PvE mindset is huge issue and it ruins PvP gameplay. Everything has to deal the same numbers while these classes have different armor types and different mobility. It won’t ever work if we will suffer every PvE balance change. I basically only play for arenas. Sometimes I do few M+ with friends but if they’d close arenas for 2 weeks I wouldn’t sign in to the game. M+ or raiding might be a bit fun but they wouldn’t keep me playing. There is also plenty of boring things I have to do to be somehow “competitive”. That’s the main problem that they are forcing us to play everything when it’s bland and boring. In Vanilla-Cata I also enjoyed PvE but it was different than current race towards the end of dung and aoe fest (I wanted to use clusterf*** as it’s more accurate). Vanilla is not the solution for me - no arenas so I either have to play this crap (BfA) or find other game. I think that arena games might be fun. People are tired of items and economy in MOBA games but they like classes with different skillset and mechanics. The only quite successful game on the market like this is Battlerite. How many of you heard of it?

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I played the OG Battlerite, when it was called Bloodline Champions back in 2011-2013 days. I then enrolled in the same University where that game was developed in Skövde, Sweden and lived 1 minute away from their studio. Good times :slight_smile:

I’ve thought for years that wow arena should have it’s own seperate game with seasons that then resets. Based on when the classes were the most fun. Start with tier 1, and then just arena/bg for upgrades. You could then easily pve on retail wow and then play the arena version. But sadly, I don’t think this will ever happen. It’s up to other people to make their own arena game based on wow pvp.

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Yeah I also played Bloodline Champions. I think that such game has a chance if it will happen in well known universe.

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