What is happening in korthia right now

greetings, today i came here to share something interesting with you guys, i hope you check it in your free time or sometimes.
1 week ago i went to korthia in the location named Maulers outlook.
I saw 8to 9 people pulling all of the adds and stacking them up then killing them , after that 2 dudes were yelling skin skin time. everyone started to skin them, then he said pull time and everyone went to pull the new ones again.
after this i found out most of them are hunters and this is a hyper spawn for skinning.
i went there and started to skin them , meanwhile someone saw me and yell ALL REPORT THIS GUY. suddenly everyone started to come near me and insulting me so hard in 2 languages , one English and one some unknown language, then everyone stopped saying anything.
after that 5 dudes came out of nowhere and did the same .
i said skinning is shared for everyone but they were saying the same,
this were going on in few days and i was going there everyday to see whats going on there in an old map in 9.2.5 and why are they there,
i saw more than 10 groups of 8 people there, after one day of skinning under this situation i got tons of [heavy desolate leather] and some more items i went to auction house and sold them , i got 200k gold per 1 day.
this went on till someday almost 6 days,
a game master approached me in whisper and told me that sir:
(youv’e been reported 40 times in this few days)
i said why whats happening and we talked about everything.
after that turned out i didn’t do anything wrong or againt’s tos some of them got banned for mass reporting me.
turned out this people that were mocking my bald head and insulting all of my family all the day in whisper and say chat are all gold sellers,
they couldn’t tolerate me in that area when i was not in their group.
they had to work in a particular time and gets a particular amount of leather. if i go there and skin the pile of the mobs that are there their skin loot goes to half because we are more than 8 (based on what i saw).
now the result part of their work,
since leather mats are in a low price in all realms these days .
they get 220k to 250k gold per day. (every single day) that make it for 6 million to 7 million gold per month ( in its bad days) (according to one of them that were saying prices are bad, imagine how much gold they got when price were 100 gold + for each leather).
I’ve got reported more than 50 times in this few days, by a group of gold seller.
I’ve got insulted more than i don’t know how many times.
some of them gave me their phone numbers and their discord server and then told me call us you ******* (you get what I’m talking about)
today 2 of them were insulting me in whisper and telling me we will find your ip address and ddos you if you come in korthia or near this area.
please if any gm’s or something like that is reading this please check my tickets and screen shots in the site.
read my reports please.
remove this hyper spawn. (its creating conflict)
these people already broke tos in more than 3 ways .
i hope i didn’t bother you guys.


Since you’ve reported them it will be looked at. There are no GM’s on the forums.

For botting you can record a video and upload it on YT then embed a link, mailing it to Hacks@Blizzard.com

While you will not receive a personal response, all emails will be taken seriously.

That Group has been going for several months. They are there 24 hours a day, every day, in both Normal and Warmode.

There a well organised group and actualy seem to work shifts were one player will leave the group and another comes on to fill in. Everything is perfectly timed, they pull the entire area, yelling “PULL PUL PULL”, group up and AOE down, then yell “SKIN SKIN SKIN” and skin it all… and repeat.

They will pull mobs off of anyone questing there and be very abusive if you kill a mob or skin it. I’ve reported them several times but as per usual nothing is done about it.

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Goldray i am very sorry for all this psycological bullying you had.A few times i went to Korthia at Season 3 and i have seen these hunter-bots skinning but i was not interested in skinning just Venari’s friend rare was there, so i left and nothing happened.
I think that if these accounts are banned( if ever) new ones will pop and do the same thing.This is their job not hobby.Sadness and misery.

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Every day the entire bottom half of the LFG custom is plastered in Korthia skin groups and blizzard haven’t done a thing about it in months. Blatant gold sellers / farmers and everytime i right click report in game when i see it for myself i get a mail saying “action has been taken” yet every day and every hour of every day another group just pops up in its place.

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