What is this and how can I collect it?

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“Added in patch”


You taunt us Blizz

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If we could choose the pvp weapons trough a proper pvp vendor, i would go maces all the time.

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But would you be able to find the vendor tho?


This comment deserves many likes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh yeah that is easy man, but whenever I am at the vendor I just have no idea what to buy and I usually buy the wrong items for my class.

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omg this is so cool.


How did you find that? I want that!

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Was added and removed during Beta of Beta for Azeroth.

Logical reason would have been that players wouldn’t want to be restricted to one weapon type when transmogging weapons.

Plus registering transmogs as what the weapon is rather than the weapons original type might be confusing or too complicate to code.

Utter twaddle though, this really should have been kept in - Arms Warrior is a Master of Armed Combat. This ability/trait would have given more depth to the spec, showing the skill of the warrior rather than Arms just being “hurr, durr, charge and smack things”.

Even if weapon-mastery was undesirable (although being really really cool) they could have done something with “combat stances” instead.

Such a shame. Wasted good idea… :pensive::confused:

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