What Lor'themar should have done

During MoP the Sunreavers got killed and jailed by an angry Jaina. What Lor’themar should have been doing is to gather an attack force and free the Sunreavers out of their situation. That would have shown him to be a great leader. Instead he appeased the alliance and did nothing to aid his people. Which makes him to be an awful leader. Rommath and all true sin’dorei should work to overthrow his regime and give the blood elves something better. Someone who doesn’t work in alliance’s interests first and the ones of his people last. Down with Lor’themar and his injust government!

What he should have done is stroll into Tempest Keep and punch Kael’Thas in the face.


You got banned in the US-forum and now you’re back here! Unacceptable!

I am unstoppable.


Pretty sure he got banned on MMO-Champion too, where he posted the same exact thread.

Some people collect stamps or old coins. Erevien collects banns from across the internet!


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