What’s Changing (and Not!) in Season 2


Lmao sh**T dude, I figured the anger subsides once you get past gold :sweat_smile:.

Would never have guessed though, there is a beast in there after all!

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Thanks for the info.


Yet again you fail to bring back the vendor for pvp/arena?? Wake up? No wonder people are quitting. Dont know why I play this game anymore

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What about Uldir Azerite gear? Will Uldir turn into a completely abandoned raid once BoD goes live? No mention of 5th ring on Uldir gear.


We knew that saving would be kinda pointless. I’m just sad it will take 2-3 weeks for a roll on the slot machine or like 11 weeks for a single item. By that time people will be decked out in raid gear, or if not raiding only manage to maybe get 2 specific bits before new raid and new ilvl bump.


The original post has been updated with some information about the Heart of Azeroth and Artifact Knowledge.

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Maybe you should sprinkle some residuum throughout activities?
Finish a normal dungeon, get 5 residuum, 10 for heroic, mythic 0 gives 20 residuum, and it goes up +5 per Key+.
A petbattle won gives 1 residuum.
Finishing an island expedition gives 10, warfront 20, etc, etc.

At least that way you can work towards something and have a fair idea of how long that work is going to take.


8.0 conclusion: azerite gear is too hard to acquire and too random, let’s add a vendor.
Result: It will take 11 weeks of M+ runs to target a specific azerite piece with the residuum from weekly M+ caches, anything azerite below ilevel 400 is almost worthless for scrapping. Looks to me that mythic level raiders are the only ones that will manage get get enough currency together to purchase 3 specific pieces within a reasonable timeframe and by then, they won’t need them anymore. Everybody else is stuffed. Doesn’t look like a particularly effective solution to me…

I was on the edge, but 8.2 better bring Ion shooting rainbows out of his behind, a gold bar in my real life mail with a letter of apology for producing scrap and being totally disconnected with the playerbase from Blizzard and free Taliesin&Evitel pets in-game. Other than that, I’ve got enough gold remaining for 3 tokens, without farming more and that will be the end of my nearly 15 years of WOW, as the current iteration of the game doesn’t deserve my real life money…

As stated above, if you want to draw people into all content, make it all reward various degrees of residuum and also maybe make some other, harder to acquire slots (weapons, trinkets, rings?) purchasable with it. This system has proven itself so often before. It gives players clear goals and ways of actually reaching them, while also encouraging them into content they would otherwise ignore.


“roughly triple”… 675 (for 400ilvl) / 165 (for 385ilvl) = 4,1.
realy?, you dont want us to buy 400ilvl because these make them cost unefficient.
As a prot Pala in M+ i need 3 specific items. But i cant wait 25 weeks until i got my 3. 415… so buying 400ilvl rnd items is better… but thanks for making this harder than you said you would.

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TLDR; Still no PVP vendors…

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Why PvP cache is not rewarding Titan Residuum?
Just make it so either M+ cache gives TR or PvP cache gives TR based on what is achieved higher that week. This way no one is forced to do both PvP and PvE content and all are happy…

As for now it is unfair towards PvP players. It is near impossible to collect titan residuum only from PvP activity.


hey Blizzard,

what about the cap for titanforge in the first week?
Is there any or are we able to get lucky and receive a 425 Item ?


So to sum up (for EU).
Season 2 starts the 23rd.
Our chest will contain a 380 piece on the 23rd.
The next level of AK is the 23rd.
The M+ we do 23rd to 29th willl give 370 in end of dungeon chest (capped at 395), but on the 30th we will get a 415 piece, assuming we do a 10+ key.
The keystone we get in the chest on the 23rd will be 3 levels lower than it normally would, so completing a 15 will award an 11 key.
On the 23rd M+ dungeons will be 30% harder (but not yet give better gear end of dungeon).


Thank you for the information. All makes sense to me.
I for one am happy with the amount of TR needed. Too much free loot in game. Nice to have something meaningful to work towards over the weeks.

Thank you Lore


what a joke


Are the rewards from assaults changing too? Is the itemlevel increasing or what is happening with assaults?

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Nice that PvP related stuff hasn’t been mentioned AT ALL.


People who dislike free gear will have a heartattack by now

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Thanks for creating this post and also for responding and clearifying additional questions. At least to me this is the kind of communication I have been looking for in the past. Please keep building up on this for everything up ahead <3

@Forums: At least for once be grateful, it was put on EU and the thread is being updated as questions come in. <3

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Overall it sounds good, and I’m really happy this level of communication is occurring. I did have 2 question though:

  • How will the Titan Residuum weekly rewards look beyond +10? Will we still have diminishing returns like we have had since the patch? Because 11 weeks for 1 targeted 415 piece is kind of demotivating.
  • After the Heart of Azeroth reaches level 50, will it still absorb the extra Artifact Power you gain? Or put another way, will the AP rewards you gain not be useless?