What Symbol is this?

Asking, …h ttps://s3.amazonaws.com/file3.guildlaunch.net/142626/tabard.png what Symbol is this? Lions? Wolfs? some sort of Gryphons?

thx for the virus

lol wat?..

The picture is fine, not a virus, also sadly not Gryphons, no wings, so, could be Lions but no manes, does not look like Dragons, again, no wings, Hmm … perhaps Wolves as you suggested, or maybe Druid Cat forms, just a thought

That’s two wolves. Specifically “Wolf Rampant” to use the correct term from coat of arms/heraldry designs :slight_smile:


Good to know … I should have looked up heraldry … Sigh, Well @Jashia, it looks like you have your answer :slight_smile: thanks @Tizaksul

i tried opening the link but it slowed down my computer. Hope u find out what it was tho :stuck_out_tongue:

WoW a Blue, thanks for the official anwser :slight_smile:

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