What to do in BFA Bland and complicated?


am so confused fresh 120 316 ilvl everything seems to have a wall around me to progress game feels very complicated and bland too many things going on and queuing to dungeon is 20-50 mins queue what the hell is wrong with the current game? I was told to go to nazjatar and i did everything there kills me i am very under item leveled the Heart of azeroth thing is also very complicated, how can i have fun with this game while waiting for classic…


U can have fun by playing the game. And if u don’t have fun Just wait for classic and don’t make useless threads.

  1. Which tier of dungeon are you Qing for. Normals and heroics don’t have a lot of popularity atm due to item catch up in Nazjatar so queue times will be larger. If you need experience with those dungeons search for a community or guild and try to run with them to reduce queue times.

  2. Nazjatar, as with all content in bfa scales with your level and gear. Even players setting Foot in naz with ilevel 370 risk death by the enemies there if they’re not careful. 316 shouldn’t be causing it to be undoable. A big issue with starting naz is the initial quests involve some mobs who deal very high burst damage and if you have multiples of them you have to watch out. Play carefully and aim for one monster at a time where possible until your gear is stronger and your scaling has got ahead of the mobs by a fair margin.

  3. Classic is not necessarily a remedy to the above in every sense. Quests have no tracking so “knowing what to do” in classic can potentially be more complicated, as can be picking up quests (they don’t show on your mini map as far as I am aware). Similarly monsters in classic can kill you fairly easily if you get more than one, or the monster is a few levels higher than you as it will then dodge/resist half of your abilities and hit you for bonus damage.

If you’re finding monster difficulty an issue and “samey gameplay” then classic is no balm. It’s more difficult and the gameplay is more simple and less convoluted (therein lies the charm) but with little QoL to help navigate it.


You need 345 to q heroic so it’s normal dungeons


There are so many things you can do as a new player in bfa. But if you dont care, then whats the point of us saying anything.
316 is very low for nazjatar questing tbh, maybe doable if you do the starting quests and kill mobs one on one only.
If you get the quest to upgrade a benthic and free 20 pearls you can just get 4 of the other 385s instead. You also get another 2x 385 from just the starting quests.
Do mechagon quests also, free 400 ilvl trinket.

Find a guild. Not like you will be able to do anything without one in classic at max level either.


Lol good luck with classic if you die in nazjatar


There’s no point going into 8.2 content when you’ve not even hit typical 8.0 ilvl yet.


yea i guess il try to play another class and level up again for the funs thanks. i dont this thread is useless if it proves a point, its not the same game you clearly never played early Wow, am not a 20 years old kid that can spam 40 buttons with addons for rotations, Classic WoW = a Real massive multiplayer RPG, BFA= Action RPG


bfa has the fewest buttons in whole wow history btw…
classic has a lot more buttons, maybe the rotation consists of 1 button to do dmg but you surely don’t play your class to full potential

wait for the wake up call on classic, you will have a tough time lol


As a fellow shaman, having two actions bars full of totems doesnt mean you have lot of spells …

Yea I do miss them, like a lot, Id sacrifice half of you guys here just to get strength of earth totem back, but trading it for having 2 spells with 20sec cd and then watching 3.6s melee attacks … weeeell …

Disclaimer: I am not saying BFA is flawless and I am not saying classic is trash …


well i i have gotten 15 in stress test within 5 hours :slight_smile:

i played wow classic and raided while you just started to learn how to type a keyboard. you want to sh1t talk i can sh1t talk too, Also BFA had PROCS within PRocs Within Procs with abilities like what the hell?


How do you die in nazjatar, i did it on all my alts on ilvl 280 and still i dont die once, and in impressed that the que 20min in impressed you got a group in hc at all, do nazj het benthic do m+ do raid=done


I am glad people like you will move to classic, next time you will want to 1v1 me irl

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We also have Benthic Gear now, should you venture into Nazjatar. It starts with a baseline of 385 and each piece can be upgraded using pearls to a maximum of 425.


he should give up and go away!


Buy some higher level items off the auction house. They are relatively cheap. The 300 -1000 pieces. WOuld raise your overall ilevel and then all the world quest gear will scale as well.

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The easiest way to gear up is by far to do world quests in the 6 base regions and then to get benthic gear in Nazjatar.

The game is currently a victim of the very questionable choices that have been made considering gear progression this expansion. The gap between the power level as you ding 120 and the one you have as an even casual end game player has never been so large. Consequently a newly dinged 120 will face significant challenges if trying to tackle current content directly.

On the plus side, it is relatively easy to raise your ilvl very significantly by doing a few quests. You will however struggle with them initially.


Ive leveled my ele shaman like 2 weeks ago and right after i completed uniting the zandalar quest i did hop into nazjatar i got him to 395ilvl in 1 day, first quests were hard untill you get to newhome, there you can buy 385ilvl items easily and bump your power, also one of the first quests in nazjatar rewards weapon ilvl 370 or 375 can’t remember now.


But useless comments are fine?


In fairness these are all valid concerns. I’ve tried to get several people involved with WoW and they all say more or less the same the OP did - along with the story not making any sense while levelling, etc.

My wife is hoping to give wow another chance with classic in the hope things will make more sense, and wants to carry it over to the existing game.

This is what happens when you spend years building expansions that make past content & expansions irrelevant.