What will happen to Classic Era after fresh hits?

So after fresh hits what will happen to our old classic chars that remained on Classic Era servers without migrating to TBC? Are they going to replace Classic Era with Classic Fresh or Classic Fresh is going to be separate game (or maybe just server?) option? I would like to have some of my chars to stay on Classic Era like museum so I hope Blizz won’t get completely rid of them.

I can’t say for definite but it’s highly likely to just remain as it is now. People paid £15 to clone characters and if they just deleted them all, there would be uproar


How about if Classic Era will progress to Classic Plus? I think this is the only reasonable idea that comes to my mind if they want to revive it.

If Blizz keep their promises, Classic Era servers will remain as is - as a museum. We can hope …


I wouldnt like that. I payed for my clone in the belief Classic Era would stay as it is.

I doubt it will go anyway. If you ask me it is more likely after the fresh ends the servers will be just added to the existing cluster and new season will start.

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