What would your character say to the above poster? #28


“I, for one, find the Ren’Dorei-situation amusing. The Sin’Dorei embraced the Fel and the Illidari, and basically anything that would mean power to survive and defend what remained of their people, but casted out first the ones refused to drain living creatures for mana, then the ones who studied the void, while tolerating the Warlocks and their demons… and the priests of Shadow who have the nasty habit of growing tentacles and insanely mumbling on the tounges of the Old Gods… and why? Because Umbric and his little team studied some scrolls written by a Traitor and basically continnued his reserach. Amusing, really… insted giving them the ruined mage tower they used, and nobody needed, the Sin’Dorei decided to throw away a powerfull tool and vital knowledge about the Void and the Old Ones… It was really that necesarry to shun them? Exile them? The Void and the Light are enemies, thats clear, but isn’t it more dangerous to let a Shadow Priest, who has chosen the darkness out of his/her own free will, near the Sun Well than a Ren’Dorei, who is basically victim, never had a chance to chose not to be what he/she is now, and became a Void elf, becasue he/she belived in the Sin’Dorei motto, ‘grab power and use it for our home and people’s deffense’? The already small Sin’Dorei decided to further reduce their numbers… and treat these poor unfortunate souls like dirt, becasue of… this? Amusing and sad.”

She offers a glass of arcwine to Cynithra with a smile

“If you ever want to visit Suramar and have a little peace, I would welcome you and your knowledge with open arms…”

(Talraea) #400

“Hope you weren’t going to drink that,” Talraea interjects, snatching up the arcwine. “After hearing it all put that way, I need a drink.” After gulping down what should really be a sipping wine, she collapses into a chair. “The whole thing is just- Why? What was the deal there? Yes, I get that there are concerns about studying the Void. There should be. It’s dangerous. It can screw you up ten ways! But what does exiling us all accomplish? At most you keep the Void-users away from the Sunwell, and just keep an eye on us.”

She shakes her head. “Well, I expect there are regulations about ‘fraternizing with the enemy,’ but I’ll just tell them it was for spying purposes. Not like I haven’t already scouted out half of Suramar, so I’ve got some old intel to give.” She pauses, then adds “It was for the rebellion, back when we were on the same side. City topography hasn’t changed much, I expect.”


“I miss my home, family, friends… Well they probably don’t consider me as one of them. If I returned ever in Silvermoon, they would slaughthered me. If only I could revert what I have done…
Following the void magic, it was amazing, it was thrilling. I was just curious, I wanted to know more about it. I wanted to underestand it…
How foolish I was. This power, it is not a blessing, it’s a curse. Something that should never happend to us.
The voices… trying to control my mind every day. Sleepless nights, the nightmares… And my loved ones… Instead of accepting my fate and helping me to recover. They just kicked me of like a traitor, which I was forced to become. The only way to survive the void’s influence, is to follow Alleria’s teaching.
Who am I? Even I don’t know. I just wish to be free of this power. To live normal life once again”

(Veldaren) #402

“Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you dealt with dark powers my good chum. They’re pretty troublesome for the unprepared. Still, you’ve my sympathies; I did not exactly choose the undead-life, afterall.”

(Coldsháde) #403

“You still seem to have grown used to it, given your attire.” Laurenn says, with a tiny smirk on her face. “I’m curious… how long was your un-life already? Was it just months, or perhaps years?”

(Belaria) #404

“There is getting used to, and then there is ‘accepting’ the dice life have thrown you.
It can be hard, but something we all have to sooner or later.”
Belaria eyes Laurenn gently.
“Even you… Princess .”

(Kezzy) #405

“Who said y’gots ta accept the roll of the dice?”

Kezzy quickly rummages through her pocket before producing a set of dice, juggling them in her palm for a moment before blowing on them, then looking at Belaria with a sly little smile. “Whatcha reckon? I’m a guessin’ boxcars …”

The Goblin then rolls the dice on the floor, and without looking at them, leans against a nearby wall in a nonchalant manner, smirking slightly. The dice each turn up to have a six on them, indicating her guess to be correct. She then retrieves them while suddenly feigning a look of surprise. “Oh, wowzers, that’s a 1 in 36 shot! Whoda thunk it?!”

After standing back up, and her face returning to normal, she continues. “I guess yer one of them kindsa broads who don’t realise y’gots ta make yer own luck in this world.”

Kezzy then turns her palm over, showing the Void Elf the pair of dice up close, to which one with a keen eye would recognise them as a loaded set. “Y’just gots ta fix them babies up the right way, an’ ya ain’t never gonna be rollin’ snake eyes, bub! The advice is on the house, but I do appreciate tips.”

The Goblin flips the dice up in the air, catching them with her other hand while keeping her palm held open in hopes of Belaria dropping a few copper (or dare she dream silver?) into it.

(Lightslayers) #406

She fails miserably at flipping a silver coin,before putting it directly into Kezzy’s hand

“Stupid…clumsy gauntlets” She mumbles in Thalassian under her breath

“There’s…There’s always a point to be made about not accepting fate,or the roll of the dice,or however you want to put it,but even then,you can’t always change what you are,or what you’re made into.You can’t expect a Hawkstrider to open a portal for you,however smart it may be,just like you can’t always go against your nature…”

“Well,doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at least,I know I do”
She can’t prevent a slight smirk from peering through her usually impassible visage


“Yes, let us play. At least we will have some distraction from our troubles.”
Shalim throws a few gold at goblin with enthusiasm.
“You are right goblin, we need to try our luck and see if it is able to change our lives”
Then he turns to the Sin’dorei.
“If you don’t mind playing with void elf, then let’s have a game. And what is a game without a bet, right? So let me place some. If I win you will provide me a meeting with my family from Silvermoon. If you win… I will do something for you. You just need to ask what exactly”
Shalím then snaps the dice from goblin’s tiny hands and rolls 3 and 3…
“That is not exactly how luck looks like”
He sighed with signs of tears in his eyes.

(Mahlificia) #408

Mahli’ficia lets out a chuckle as she watches the other elves.

"Oh, you lot have indeed have much to learn when it comes to bets! Real bets involve truly interesting stakes and magically sealed contracts. Like that time when I made a bet with a particularly annoying Night Elven garrison commander who had made a habit of confiscating my spell components, and so I brought my succubus and some potions and… "

Trailing off, Mahli’ficia goes suddenly silent as she remembers the full story; and why it probably shouldn’t be shared. Then, with a soft smile, she simply cocks her head and nods.

"Yes, to make a bet real interesting, you at least have to include a magical contract. I recommend using a drop of blood from three different virgins as the catalyst for the spell. It has the most potency for the fun bets~ "


“Sorry friend but I must refuse your offer. Or should I say bargain? We should learn from our mistakes. Playing with dark powers is never worth our lifes. Look at yourself, look at me. What have we become? Even elves, who used to be our allies are not willing to play a single game with us. Yes you are warlock, you may like the change of your skin, the more power at your disposal… But I would rather surrender all that “power” to see Silvermoon once again.”

(Talraea) #411

“Honestly, I get that. This isn’t exactly a blessing. I’ve lost count of the different nightmares, and when I’m awake the whispers never cease. Give all that up to see home? It sounds like a dream come true. For my part, though… That’s not an option. I can’t go back, even if they welcome me, because it’s not about what I want. I can’t be a part of Sylvanas’ war machine, no matter how I hold back or what missions I refuse. I need to be part of the solution. I need to be where I am.”

(Coldsháde) #412

“Alliance’s hardly the solution, though. Before they finally get on with killing the necromancer-Warchief herself, they’ll commit the murders of endless citizens. I mean -ENDLESS-. Are sacrifices of thousands worth the demise of one? Isn’t it better to seek a collaborative, diplomatic way to finish the war?”


“My dear, If you shoot one person you are a murderer. If you kill a couple persons you are a gangster. If you are a crazy leader and send millions to their deaths you are a hero… Princes were privileg’d to kill, and numbers sanctified the crime.
Ah! why will Kings forget that they are Men?”

She smiles

“And you know… A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

Zymara toys with her sacrifical dagger

“Then again, Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions…”

(Shalim) #414

“The true question is, what is worth dying for? For a king that is naive and wants the impossible? Peace?”
The demon hunter laughs.
“Or for a foolish undead elf which only hoards power and never reveals her intentions?”
Shalim takes deep breath. His face was showing that he is getting upset as he says these words.
“Look what happens when you start stupid clashes over nothing. Cities are burning. Homeless people everywhere. Brothers are willing to kill brothers…” Shalim pauses and takes a look at nearby void elves
“Our world is dying. Instead of hearing Speakers call, you stand idle and watch people die in stupid war that will acomplish nothing. War that will destroy not only you, but whole Azeroth”
Shalim is set in anger
“You are no better than Legion. All of you! What is the difference between you and them? The results of your actions will do the same thing! Every death, every sacrifice made in this war is worthless. Death that won’t preserve our future or save another lifes is the worst one. That is not statistic, that is true”


Cynithra looks calmly at the demon hunter
“If all who oppose peace dies, peace will be made. Nothing goes without sacrifice. Or one side just annihilate the other.” She shrugs and looks away.

(Coldsháde) #418

“That got a bit depressive… let’s change the topics, will we? How’re your Void studies going? Explored anything new that’s worth noting?”

(Goldishia) #419

“Oh, yeah, that sounds like a swell idea …”

As Laurenn looks to see where this statement has come from, she notices Goldishia strolling towards her, looking towards the ground, hands behind her head in the midst of apparently fixing her ponytail, a mass of loose hair hanging over most of her face as she does so, obscuring it almost entirely asides from the odd flip or two from her continued attempts to tie it back correctly causing it shift out of position, revealing her nasty facial scar. She continues to speak while doing so. “… cuz we ain’t talked enough about that whole void jazz. We just see youse ghosty Elves around all the time whinin’ an’ moanin’ about “voices this”, an’ “I can’t wear red no mores cuz it clashes with my skin” that …”

Finally, Goldy fixes her hair, looking up at Laurenn, pointing at her own visage with finger guns, her trademark long fringe now settled into place and draped down across the right hand side of her face, almost perfectly hiding her scars. “… check it, few years ago my mug gots all torn up … ‘stead a’ goin’ ‘round, stickin’ everyone’s face in it, I try not ta make it a constant conversational piece. Maybe all youse should try and do the same, hm? Or what’s the deelio, that all youse gots anymore, or somethin’? I mean funt, if it ain’t youse, it’s the hornheads, or the deadsers, or whatever. There ain’t no normal peeps around here no mores, an’ it seems like that makes youse weirdos all think yer the regular ones now or somethin’! Speakin’ a’ regs …”

Goldy looks all around herself, holding her hands out, counting on her eight digits as she spots Lightslayers, Shalim (version Void Elf), Shalim (version Demon Hunter), Mahli’ficia, Talraea, Zymara, Cynithra and then finally Laurenn again. She holds both her hands open towards Laurenn. “Look at that! That’s all my fingers! All ghosty Elves, hornheads an’ deadsers! Well, except that freaky half nakie Draenei broad who may as well just be another ghosty Elf … but freaks! An’ ya wanna shoot the shizzle about that kinda stuffs thinkin’ it’ll make the depressive tones skidaddle? Ha, good luck with that one. Youse guys n’ dolls are just a product of yer own environment at this stage, methinks. All the real peeps done up an’ left …”

The Goblin shakes her head somewhat forlornly before beginning to strut away, speaking to herself out loud. “… least Nex is still kinda ‘round. Man, I miss Pointy. An’ BA. An’ Blix. An’ Naders. An’ Shufflebutt. An’ Tea Lady. An’ Lil Lady. An’ Smexinar. An’ Bones. An’ Murlocbane. Even dweebs like Half-face, Goony an’ Durrhurr …”

Goldy continues to list nicknames as she walks away out of earshot. Suddenly a few moments later, she can be heard yelling “This place funtin’ sucks now!” in the distance.

(Zhanag) #420

“So… I’ve been studying the parachronic magic used to connect to different timelines. Who else wants to check in on Draenor again?”


“Wich one?”

She smiles

“One would think you would be more interested in a timeline, where Sargeras failed to convince the Eredar rulers to join the Legion, and without the brain, the Legion been only a band of ragtag demons held together only by the fear from the Dak Titan’s wrath. The Nathrezim were the “smart ones” while the Annihilans were the “strong ones” when it came to leadership, but I think they never really would had any chance against the might of Argus. at the time the most advanced civilization of the great dark beyond… while we are there, lets find a time line where Azshara worked to protect Azeroth from the Dark Titant, not summoning him to be her husband…”