What's it like to be a mage in battlegrounds?

I don’t see many mages in battlegrounds nowadays…

What’s it like? are they fun to play in BGs?

Personally I love to encounter them as a MM hunter, It’s like shooting a low level NPC. I like to see if I can kill them before they have time to click iceblock.


they are forced to hide the whole bg if there is like 3 mm :stuck_out_tongue:


Was thinking of rolling mage for bgs.
Y’all really make me question my time.

Just dont go fire. Stick to frost.

I was thinking of going Arcane actually.
Always liked the spec, and the visuals are cool.

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A good arcane mage can eat average mm hunter easily. They are annoying af.

We do insane damage but die in seconds. Its fun to do damage but if any melee connects we are dead after 2 seconds when Ice Block ends. We need Deep Freeze and Blazing Speed back as Talents asap. Also our Barriers and Barrier healing are insulting joke. Against Hunters we just die.

We are fine in Arenas. For now.

they really can’t

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I love frost mages in bg. Absolutely awesome to see them

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All i ever see in BG´s are MM hunters, Ret paladins and tanks. Out of those categories MM hunters are by far the most obnoxious n its not rare for me to enter a 10 man BG and 4-7 players on each team are MM hunters.

Even as a plate user they are obnoxious but then again. with wow balancing theres no reason to play anything else since in BG´s MM has no weaknesses what so ever and people love power in this game so intill its nerfed hard we´re going to continue seeing hunters pressing sniper-rapidfire n global people from stealth. In short i wouldnt recommend playing a mage or any clothie in BG, taking my own advice on that one.

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I assume they’ll eat some harsh nerfs when solo queues come out.

hopefully, if even a plater like myself complains about it you know its bad. If they dont get gutted they might aswell rename the gamemode “hunter que”. In a none ranked mode people still play other crap but in a ranked more, why would anyone ever play a class that is like 80% stronger than the secound strongest? they are the retpocalypse of BG´s at this point.

Frost mages in epic battlegrounds are great fun and if you’re good geared and have the healer’s attention you can almost keep the whole inc horde mass in check. Frost mages are masters of control imo so if you consider trying it out I can only encourage you:-)

Our barriers suck monkey balls so make sure you have hp stones from locks, third wind potions for when you’re out of stones, saltwater potions and always phials of tepid versatility on you. Have fun!
I wish more would go frost:-P


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oh no… oh no… u went alliances ?

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Vs hunter sure, as long as they don’t dispel your Alter Time, then you are screwed :rofl:

Sick of terrible racials

bruh, its not about the racials, its about sending a message.

i sent like 800000 messages on this forum about premades and night elf racial being disgusting op and the fact that undead racial still breaks stealth etc but the devs dont care, so it is what it is

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