Whats left?

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We got nzoth, jaina, anduin, thrall, saurfang, void lords… we dont quite sure about if azshara is died or something, Sylvanas gonna be out of the story by the end of this expansion and…? These are the only worthy characters and things left that can be used for other expansions.

I think there is enough characters and story to get through another 1 or 2 xpax but then what? What, actually in this situation i must say who, are they gonna use it for the new stories? There aren’t mutch chracter left to use for new xpacs


Jaina, Anduin, Thrall and Saurfang aren’t villains.

However they should eventually just innovate and create new villains for us to fight like in MoP. The Great Dark Beyond is a big place.

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Even if we deal with N’zoth who probably has many things in store for us and the Void Lords after him(or maybe there’s Void Generals first who knows).

Theres still Bolvar whos up to no good, Wrathion might become a baddy. Theres the Infinite Dragonflight. Supposedly theres also some crazy vrykul captain with a fleet of 1000 ships somewhere.

The Defias Brotherhood or even Scarlett Crusade might make a triumphant return :wink:

The great thing about Warcraft is the endless possibilities imo. I wouldn’t say they’re out of options after the void lords.

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The Light.

The Void, like The Light, can grant visions that tend to be from a different perspective. Never false, but half-truths, and it’s up to those who witness them to discern what they mean.

For example, when Velen’s son was born… The Light showed him a vision of him holding an Eredar in his arms. It never told him the whole truth, and it was only after killing his own son that Velen understood what that vision meant.

We know that the Void showed Alleria visions of The Army of the Light encasing entire planets (and people) in crystalline glass. I imagine they’ve been doing what the Legion was trying to do, but instead of destroying nascent Titans, they’ve been preserving them forever. So there are worlds, and billions of innocent people out there, frozen in time.

Now the Void probably showed Alleria that to get her to turn against The Army of the Light. It had its own motivations, like The Light… But it wasn’t objectively false.

What if they realize we unwittingly freed an Old God on a planet already dying, and start pointing their freeze rays at us?

Then there’s also Bolvar who has been threatening to kill us every time we interact with him, that crown is taking its toll. Murozond and the Infinite Dragonflight. Whatever has been eating souls in The Shadowlands. Kael’Thas will probably come back again at some point, I’d put money on it. There’s infinite possibilities for whatever the hell that ritual Tyrande performed. A new, unknown, Titan facility detected on Azeroth that “MOTHER” hinted to.

There is a lot of plot points for Blizzard to keep WoW ticking on with.


Return of the Lich King…


They have story at least for another 8 years sorted out.

There are limitless options, the Light/Void stuff, different planets, our Titan is not even “born”, there is new Scourge maybe coming, Shadowlands etc (we do not know who is even the boss there, maybe Mueh’zala or something different)

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What is left:

  1. Light vs Dark
  2. The Void
  3. Old Gods
  4. Black Empire
  5. Shadowlands
  6. Blizzard could bring back a character like they did with Illidan, if they did this, I would say the Lich King for some type of redemption story
  7. Pandaria like expansion, which I doubt because people hate the pandas but they have somewhat been left on their own
  8. More space stories like Argus, there has to be other planets out there to explore and other worlds
  9. A split in the alliance, perhaps some group to overthrow the Wrynn grasp on Stormwind
  10. A alternate or split or sideways timeline story (it cannot be like WOD, it needs to be a story that has consequences and impacts the past, current time, and the future)


Excellent suggestions, and what do all 5 of these points have in common?


He possessed the knowledge and vision necessary to confront the impending and inconceivable threat of the Void Lords. Turning everyone into Undead would be an acceptable sacrifice if it meant increased resilience as a whole (just look at DKs, they’re powerhouses in lore) and most importantly a guaranteed state of immunity to the maddening whispers of the Void. The guy built an entire fortress out of Saronite – he doesn’t give a hoot, he means business.

So yeah, Bolvar can have the throne for now, but Arthas is a fan favourite and I liked him more in his “King of Lordaeron” capacity anyway.

If you claim you don’t wish to see the absolute bromance and chad duo that is Arthas & Kel’thuzad as awesomely OP undead friends then you might wanna look down… because your pants are on fire.

My boy has a job to finish and I think Blizz knows it too…


From all those you mentioned above only anduin is not a villain.

Jaina: The butcher of dalaran( dont argue with the obvious, several vids on youtube)

Thrall: Traitor since MoP
Saurfang: Traitor since MoP

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Wrathion. AU Light army going on destruction rampage (bet you we got one in our universe). Return of the LK.

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