Whats the point of hots

Im curious… whats the point of hots in a meta of one shots… Every class has one shots and crazy dmg while druid have hots that heal over time… Ok swiftmend and NS are strong with soul of the forest but outside of those two?

Druid pumps like crazy, don’t forget about convoke also providing instants. Never had more fun playing resto tbh.

I’d say resto is the only spec left they need to destroy at this point. Only spec that blasts in m+ and raids. (except for heal dps maybe) Also I don’t play necro for dps. NF is way more fun


Druids pump crazy high in any PvE enviroment.
Someone takes dmg? Boom 50 Hots to top him up + the incoming dmg…

I also think this post was supposed to be in the Arena section?

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