Whats the point of Korrak's revenge?

Is it just av without resources with 2 hours que and 2 hours duration? Tell me that Im missing something important here…

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It was fun in BFA and good place to lvl toons. They just run it again and don’t fix it or adapt to SL reality. Now its dead - no scaling, no exp for toons, no quests. I remember how happy was casual players about this event in BFA. But as u know - fun detected - fun deleted(c).


So typical Blizzard content. Always few years behind reality.

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It looks even more strange with the island for fresh toons and beginners chat, expanded invite-a-friend gift list, airship in IC to learn every class, Chromi and whatever else. Wow tries(ed) to invite new players. Not a secret that some players stopped playing recently. And now this feature to attract ppl leveling new chars is ruined. Why and what for KR is unfriendly to lvl toons is a good question (adding 17% exp buff). Perhaps, they just didn’t realise that some changes are needed. Same to this week’s brawl and related quest that are completely out of hand.

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