What's this new conquest gain buff I get in BGs and arenas?

In some battlegrounds and arenas that I join I get this buff. How and why?

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Its a buff that increases your conquest gain for the rest of season 2 so that you can buy gear for alts with it or gear up alts faster.

They think it will increase players PvP practice. People who interested in PvP is so low atm. I think pet battles have more players.

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But does it actually work?
I didnt get more conquest.

Yes. At least for me.

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i guess its a little bit buggy sometimes the buff just disapears

It gives you “starter” PvP gear faster and after that you are going to lose to 55K and 60K HP players. Holinka does not care about “casual” experience, because there is no more 1 million queing in arenas unlike Wrath times.


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