What's up with the 3 ring azerite armour?

I just boosted an arms warrior and the gear given was 385 with 3 rigns. No big deal so I went around and got some wq gear and it only had 3 rings to it I’m pretty sure it had 4 before 8.3. So I sent over some gear from a nzoth assault and again 3 rings.

Whats going on why the change? How do I get gear with the 4th ring on my alt ls or has the 4th ring gone completely.

Many thanks

Blue azerite armors always had 3 rings.

Only epic ones have 4+


Really are you sureeeeee? I was so certain wq rewards gave 3. Well it has been a while maybe I got confused.


Any blue have 3 rings, epics from 8.0 have 4 and epics from 8.1 and later patches have 5

Most WQ give blue items, emissaries epics, benthic is epic and the new tokens are blue for some reason

Open Najatar and get pearls, Benthic have 4 rings, you get one piece on opening the zone, the other 2 you can get with 10 pearls (5 each)

Ok so what’s the better option, higher ilvl with 3 rings or keep the lower ilvl and have 4/5 rings?.

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