What's your favorite zone?

Suramar and the inside of Nighthold :smiley:
But mostly i like the … DANGERZONE!

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Frostfire Ridge
I like all grand open zones and Frostfire Ridge gives me the old school fantasy adventure vibe


Eversong Woods. It’s just perfect, the scenery, the music, the beautiful people that live there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haha, I was about to say that! :smiley: Now I have to pick something else!

So I choose Nagrand, another favourite zone for many. In WoD it was nice being able to hunt mounted on a talbuck.

Generally I like lush green flowering areas best, but I quite like the vibe of Uldum. Glad they made something of that zone. The Cata Harrison Ford-quests were’nt good. Same goes for the Worgen starting area, nice sort of Victorian England feeling, great architecture, but now totally empty once you’ve done the starting quests. There are so many lovely zones… :heart:


Val’sharah , idk why but i like that place.

So many to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Feralas has been great for me when I want to just crank up the music and ambiance volume to chill out but Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria is my favourite to run around in.

Plus you get to be a farmer! :smiley:


I always liked Winterspring a lot, makes me calm and peaceful all that snow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


WoD’s version of Shadowmoon Valley, especially the draenei parts. I have a soft spot for draenei in general, and Shadowmoon Valley has one of the few cases where their culture seems to be largerly undamaged.
On top of that, it’s really beautiful zone-design-wise, and my inner astronomy nerd just LOVES the permanent eclipse. x)


I love Nagrand in Outland. I do like lots of other places too. Some zones are really nice.

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I really doubt very many people would say STV is their favorite, which is also why, many was so happy when it was remade in Cataclysm; it was a horrible zone.

My favorite is probably BEM in Outland or Vashj’ir…

Zangarmarsh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Icecrown was amazing the first time getting there. Also loved Zul Drak with the different tiers leading up to Gundrak. The quest lines were really awesome I thought.

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Duskwood and Drustvar. Guess i like the darker themes in there.


Grizzly Hills 100%


Draenei locations mostly, especially their starting islands and Draenor Shadowmoon Valley.

Grizzly Hills music is so lovely :blush:


for me it’s either thousand needles (before it got flooded) because for some reason the first time leveling there just stuck with me xD
or outland shadowmoon valley. Do you remember the first time going through there? Man I got chills, you really got the feeling that you were witnessing the stuff of legends. The black temple was imposing, the hand of Gul’Dan loomed in the distance, hellfire rained from the sky.

I also really like timeless isle because it feels like one big playground :slight_smile:

duskwood and silverpine forrest are my go to

Isle of Thunder.

I am really enjoying Nazjatar (even without flying which I will have later today) but I feel that so much more could have been done.

Just like a film of a favourite book it just doesn’t do the story enough justice.

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