What's your favourite pet you have?

How much do they pay to you to promote the store products?

I didn’t think I would ever find a pet I liked as much as Baa’l, I especially find his ghostly echo of a bleats absolutely delightful. His usefulness in pet battles is kind of disappointing though. Irkalla was probably my favourite aesthetic pet for a long time, as well as my harpy, Selome who both look especially great with the Spirit Wand effect.
Lastly, my favourite fighters still remains to be Zephirus, my nexus whelp, Daphnis, my dream whelp and Citila my brilliant blood feather. They’re all cute and they get the job done.

Tough to choose just one.

I was incredibly lucky that I got Murkalot before I had any idea about pets at all. I kept him out quite a bit just for the goofy animations.

Tiny Snowman is not only appealing in himself, but if you look closely during a battle, his hat being almost knocked off and then settling back is a masterpiece of simple but effective character animation.

Anubisath Idol is a pet new battlers love, but many lose patience as they get more sophisticated tools, and abandon him. He’s still ace by me.

Xu-Fu is sleek and majestic, not to mention a consummate mouser. :slight_smile:


It can’t do combat, but I love my tiny naaru, K’ute. I worked very hard to get him and he plays really nice naaru chimes. Also he sometimes casts Touch of the Naaru and gives nearby pets and critters that floating naaru symbol at their heads, definitely my favourite pet. He also looks really good with my draenei holy priest.


Probably Microbot 8D. I love the fact it’s a tiny little compact (yet surprisingly detailed?) bipedal bot that dispenses missiles, rockets, ion cannons… it’s hilarious and badass.

Close second goes to Landro’s Lil XT.

Mr. Wiggles, hands down! He’s just too cute!

Probably Frosty. He adds nicely to my theme when I have him out along with my ghoul. Plus it’s neat having a little Frostwyrm follow you around.

I think Lil’ Deathwing is super awesome as well. But I don’t have him.

My favourite, since before the battle pet system was even a thing, is Lurky, simply due to the hoops I had to go through to get him AND retain my TBC CE items.

That whole process taught me never to buy a physical CE ever again :joy:

Making me choose 1… mmm

I love my Panda Cub, having that little sleepy bundle follow me around all these years. Never levelled them in Pet Battles so they are still level 1, can’t bring myself to make fluff ball fight :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been playing a game called “Rimworld” lately and this is how I feel. Even if I’ve trained the animal to fight I just never want it to get involved in case it might lose a limb!

On topic: Catowl. Owlcat? Together with the pet biscuit to make it bigger!

Pigmy Cow, is called “Girlfriend” for reasons

Gurky, pretty much one of the rarest Pets in the World.

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My hunter’s pet. Which I named after my irl dog after she passed away.

I’m still holding out hope for the new dog models that are used all over Kul Tiras to be made available to players. Then one of those will become my new ‘in memoriam’ pet (because those models would then be the closest ingame representation of what she actually looked like irl).

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Mini Diablo #1st
Lil’ Deathwing

Mini Tyrael
Little known fact: If u dance and target him, he will also dance.

Not technically a pet but …


otherwise all the special pets, Murkidan, Pirate Parrot those stay in mind when thinking about pets… I just have too many … -_-’

Still proud of my Spirit of Competition

The Lashtail hatchling, Serenais’aka.

Tiny Bog Beast, I feel emotionally attached to this guy. I named
mine Bog Bastar , wanted to pay tribute to one of Disco’ teams.
It looks evil but that’s such a peaceful creature and his way of walking is …just lol

Grunty (or Jim Raynor as I’ve named him) 4 life.

It’s got to be my Legionnaire Murky, he fits well with my transmog and my Blizzcon 2017 mount :slight_smile: