When to give up on gladiator title?

Hey i been playing rogue on and off for almost 10-14 years and never acchieved gladiator and it’s frustrating man, Sobstory inc…

highest rating i ever achieved was 2,2k in wraith on some undocumented realm. as rogue mage…
So right now i wonder what to do man F’'K it’s just frustrating i tried everything and i’m just not climbing any higher, i have arena target 1,2,3 macros, shadowstep kick binded.

Dimishing return trackers, cooldown trackers, gladdy addon etc.

i’m recording my games and analyzing what’s going wrong. last 8 weeks i’ve done over 2000 games and been going from 1900 rating to 2055 and then just dropping again over and over.

Yeah idk why i wrote even this topic but is there anyone who have a hidden spreadsheet of what to do against literally every single comp as rogue druid?

Just let it go

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Just buy it.

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Some real helpful replies so far.

It sounds like you’re doing a lot of analysis of your own performance as an individual rather than considering how you’re performing as a team with your partner. Do you feel like you co-ordinate CC together well? Do you communicate effectively? Does he know when to help you secure a kill and when to play defensively? Do you have a wide range of knowledge for OTHER classes so you know what CDs you’re looking out for and how to counter them best? Sometimes focusing on and only playing one class can be limiting.

I’m not a PvP expert by any means but those are just some thoughts that came to mind from reading your post


just buy token for boost from the pros.

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Don’t overthink. Just play - ignore rating - have fun - you will get there if you focus on new strats and find a working one you can use more than often enough from then. If you are stuck in that range then you won’t fall lower than 1800 so use your time to find out how to win vs x y z comb on rated and synergize with your partner. You will get there :slight_smile:

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-back in wotlk, 2.2k as rogue was considered low, even casuals did reach that & Some people reached that with just spam fok when it had 100% interrupt.
-In cata? with basic knowledge & FOTF there was no way you could miss glad in 3v3 as Rogue/hunter/ret, Unless you or 1 of your teammate has no idea about the ability’s in this game.

Anyway when it comes to re-action, trading ability’s, timed CC’s, tricking the enemy, or any urgent choices? you can’t find any of those written in books, sticking on 1target & trying to cc the other might not work vs some comps so you gotta know when to switch & switching is based on various factors in that certain match, so you always need to adapt based on the situation, it’s not about theories It’s about massive experience.

The best advice for you? is to get gladiator to team up with! communicating and practicing with him? will makes you learn what you failed to learn in your 14years of playing.

thing about teaming up with a rank 1 player but yeah… where do i find those players that are willing to coach?

Transfer to US 1.8k rating EU players are the equivalent to 2.2k US players.

i mean i am already 2k on EU >.<

Get a job.

Reroll warlock and get free glad in s3.

a job aint gonna help me get glad thou but thx for reply

When you get a job you aint going to think about that title.

Not to give up but just take a small break and try again later.

Focus on doing some other things, maybe play another class.

It will be helpful to play some other classes to understand them better and gain critical advantage against them.

yes but no, i rather play rogue in tbc i’ll wait for season 3 and hope i get lucky on warglaives and try push glad that season and just practise now with my druidpartner. What annoys me thou is everyone says Rogue Druid is the best 2vs2 setup there ever is, but yet there’s ZERO information over what to do against different setups when i google.

Like Warrior Druid for example.

What makes sense is Root Warrior and Kill Druid.

but after diminishing returns are over on cyclone, root, what then? kite and wait for resets?. Eventually my druid runs out of mana.

Warlock Druid. i sit in roots most of the time if i go warlock.
if i go druid my druid gets feared.

VS hunter druid i sit in freezing traps and roots. and i can only cloak a root once a minute(cus of retarded faerifire).

These are honestly the comps that are ''Cu**ing me the most.

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