Whens it going to change


Getting a bit sick and tired of trying to do M+ Keys and getting DECLINED for not being a Resto druid its the same for most DPS classes not being certain classes and always has to be a prot warrior this is getting stupid now getting declined for keys lower than u have already done because there after a resto druid something has to change and very soon…


I don’t want to be the devil’s advocate.
What level of keys are you talking about?
I can understand when a dps is declined for not being a rogue - most dungeons are better with a rogue, but I don’t think any dungeon requires a druid. If it’s a low key - it’s just people want a druid for no reason - we can’t change it. If it’s a high key - you should have a group to do keys, pugs are evil. Anyway, I feel you.


anything around the +15 mark even if I have done +15’s in time I get declined with we want a rdruid plain and simple and I don’t mind dps getting declined for say a rogue for a shroud or something but theres 3 dps spots so more option for different classes even though its generally the same ones aimed for. and hell I don’t play tank but the prot war situation is same as healers yea some tanks are god awful atm hence getting buffs ( druids and DH) but as long as the tank is ok its fine to me im happy to accept a dk monk pally.

For example I have done atal +15 no issue but now get declined for +13 for the reason mentioned its ridiculous


Well, it´s mentality of player base and with that you can´t do a thing. The OP ones classes at any given time will always be preferred. I never understood why would anyone decline a player based on his class (unless he is playing class that is really out of date like feral now but still, I had in my group a feral who did really well). It drives me mad too as ppl are soo picky even on low keys like +15 in terms of tanks and healers. For DPS, there is bigger field you can operate on but still, as Rogues have everything in terms of utility and DPS (no need to mention that Tol Dagor without rogue or someone with Incs/BS/Jwc is much harder on some weeks), there is quite high chance to have one in your group. I guess there will be more changes to Prot Warr DPS, to Rogue utility (cloak nerfs -> bigger CD, shorter duration, can´t use mount in it?) and DPS (just a little) and Resto druid´s DPS or ability to heal while doing DPS (something like while being in cat, your hots will heal for 50%?).

As I play resto druid from time to time, it´s not as simple as it looks in MDI. In pugs, there are much more DMG taken from avoidable damage than on professional scene which require you to heal rather than doing DPS which renders your damage capability. For druid provide it´s full potential, you have to have a really good pug or your own party. Pug looking for R druids only are mostly sheep that follow a trend and don´t probably even know why the druids are kings of the meta right now.

(Fernine) #5

Seriously? im a resto druid main and i get declined 24/7, i never on my monk though :stuck_out_tongue:


Usually when you see a post lile this you click on the profile and you quickly see why the person is getting rejected but not this time. Also nice mog!

Speaking as a player with limited knowledge of healing classes and dabbed with priests, my first reaction to priest in a m+ queue is:
Holy; lack of mobility
Disc; lack of healing throughput

I am probably wrong, forgive my ignorance. That point of view is probably what your up against I’m afraid.

That being said I still take the player (rio score) over the class at every oppurtunity. The only time I’d choose the class is when the scores are similar but applying for 15s that probably happens a lot.

Despite how good they may balance the game I fear the MDI will always make meta healers and meta tanks. The dungeon conditions can’t change enough for different healers or tanks to be better in certain dungeons.

Time to get yourself a tanking friend and make your own groups until the priest has its day in the mdi meta sun.


Starting your own key and working up would be your only choice at the moment.


Find a guild , a friendly guild and start doing keys is my advice . Since the pug people want to get carried by FOTM classes/specs.


Restro Druid is simply too good for M+ compared to ther healers.
Discs niche is to be able to deal damg while healing, but for some strange reason druids can deal more damg while healing (Hots) than a disc will ever be able to…
Part of it is thanks to druids crazy aoe damg compared to disc, which has…none (apart from pathetic Holy nova)
On top of it druid has insane cc and mobility.

Someone mentioned that if druids change forms their hots should be nerfed by 50% which, in my opinion would be a good step to bring m+ healer representation closer togehter.


rdruid with feral affinity should be doing more dmg than a disc. period.

Disc is weak in m+ but also hard to balance cuz it is still the best healer in raids for progress, much better than rdruid there.


Well, then melee should dominate M+, but rdruids shouldn’t go into raids and melee shouldn’t go into raids. M+: melee + rdruid, raids: ranged + disc. Let’s separate then.


Disc isnt the best healer for mythic raid progress i wonder where you get that idea.
In fact holy and mistweaver is better and paladin and druid are like 1 or 2% behind.
Mythic raid healing is pretty balanced while m+ is not.
in fact m+ healing is so unbalanced an favors rdruid so much its a joke…

And please explain why druid with feral affinity should be able to deal way more damg than disc on top of way better healing , 10 times the mobility , 10 times the survivability and 10 times the cc ?

I am really interested how you try to justify that…
I am not even saying buff disc for m+ because its pretty on par with ALL the other healers but to adjust rdruid for m+.
Have you seen the logs or MDI ? theres like 90 rdruids in high keys and 10 non rdruids.

Mythic Raiding: all healers are pretty balanced
M+: Total dominance of rdruid
PvP: Total dominance of rdruid

The imbalance for m+ healing and pvp is so obvious blizzard wont be able to ignore it for much longer.


Except it is. It was used on BOD world firsts including on jaina world first (2 of them if I remember correctly) and currently on both bosses in the new raid by top guilds. rdruid does not even come close to disc in progress raiding neither does hpala after the 1st one. More healing while doing dps as tank and bringing MD it is not even a challenge.

Stop crying about disc the only difference is that it does not have many comps as rdruid or hpala so you see lower numbers. It is still the best healer in 2v2 for some comps and will be great in 3v3 once WW/DK is nerfed.


Wow you haven’t a clue do you?
So much ignorance hurts…
Check the logs before you post false statements.
Just because 2 guilds used maybe the 3 best disc players in the world for Jaina doesn’t mean the spec is the best.

You would see that if you checked the mythic raid logs. Rdruid ist almost exactly the same in performance…
But I know you won’t, because then you would have to admit you are wrong…

PRIEST is THE worst healer in arena atm…

I suppose you never played priest and main a Rdruid…

Enjoy till it gets nerfed soon…


Stop posting garbo and calling others clueless when you are lvl 57. Any high end raider in top guilds would tell you disc is great in progress.

https:// www. warcraftlogs. com/zone/statistics/21#metric=hps&dataset=90

This is the data ur opinion is wrong and irrelevant when data suggests otherwise. Even now method is using 2 disc priests in COS mythic 2nd boss. They have best people of every class and they decided to take the disc priests, 1 shaman and bench others.

Disc priest is #1 in HPS (5% more than rdruid) in addition to doing 15-20k dps. rdruid has close to 0 dps in raids. Stop being a cry baby and ignoring the facts. In fact disc is the one that needs further nerfs there, probably to damage.

I have 5 chars and I do not main an rdruid.


Nice try…
Just because I don’t post on my main you assume I am lvl 57?
I have killed7/9 mythic bod on my holypala, disc, mw and shaman so I prolly have a better idea of healer balance… 5% more HPs on disc because they are fed innervates and blessings and that’s it.
Without it they won’t even have those 5%…

Fact is mythic raid healing was never this balanced.

But go on try to justify the 5% more HPs in raids justifies the 50% better performance of rdruid in m+ and pvp.

And the fact that you think disc needs nerfs just proves that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

So I stop arguing now since it makes no sense to argue with someone who hasn’t a clue.

BTW try disc maybe you even beat the tank in healing…


Keep crying disc won’t be getting any significant buffs cuz they don’t need them. Data proves you wrong. You know you are so wrong that you don’t even post on your main and use troll char.

Nice you completely ignored the 15k dps part they bring in addition to the 5% increased healing.


One last thing…
Just checked your logs on BOD and I wonder how you will judge a class you don’t even play when the logs clearly show you don’t even have a clue how to play your own class, so bad it actually made me laugh.

Seems your the troll…


Dude you are so stupid I don’t even. Post data showing disc is bad in raids or stop wasting other people’s time, gtfo with ad hominem crap.

I posted data showing otherwise and top guilds in the world showing the exact opposite. I will ignore your troll posts from now cuz you are too blind.


Learn to read…
I never said disc is bad in mythic raids, it’s lousy in normal and average in heroic.

I said rdruid outperforms other healers in
Pvp and m+ and needs adjustments for those specific things.

You posted data which you don’t understand and which have absolutely nothing to do with m+ or pvp.

Just that in certain rare circumstances disc is a tiny bit better in mythic raiding than rdruid.